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Lead Pastor:
Trevor Rysavy
Urban Grace Church

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Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 403.966.0251


There is unprecedented concentration on cities these days. At some point in the last five years, more people were living in a city than in rural areas. Jon Dennis writes that, ‘ . . . Cities are massively underrepresented by gospel-belief.’ (Jon Dennis, Christ and City. Wheaton: Crossway. p. 11) In short, not enough urbanites love Jesus and their city. We see the city as a place Jesus loves deeply because of the density and diversity of the people who live there. This means that as our province and country become increasingly urban, we have an unprecedented opportunity to bring the gospel strategically to that context. For us, that city is Calgary, and we want our city to be glad we exist. We think if a church works to serve and love its city, everyone benefits. (Jeremiah 29:75-7)


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2111 Justin Rd. Suite 106 | Flower Mound TX 75028

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Unit 11 Westbrook Court | Sheffield S11 8YZ

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