What does Acts 29 Mean? Acts 29 By Acts 29 January 24, 2009
Acts 29 - A diverse, global family of church-planting churches

It seems that the Book of Acts was left open-ended in Acts 28. It’s as if Luke believed that they were just finishing the end of the first phase of the expansion of the church. Then it was up to us. We were given just enough within the Book of Acts to give us the principles or philosophy that we would need to undergird our strategies from generation to generation to keep them consistent with God’s agenda and at the same time to allow all the flexibility that we would need to adapt to each culture.

Acts 29 Network seeks to perpetuate the church planting passion from the canonical record found in chapters 1 through 28. Acts 29 is not an attempt to write our own addition, but to carry out the mission of Jesus to the best of our ability, through the power of the Spirit and for the glory of God.

There are 28 chapters in the book of Acts and our belief that God is at work today continuing the building of His church and expansion of His kingdom through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are simply seeking to follow in the pattern of Spirit-led and Scripture-directed church planting and evangelistic ministry that began in Acts and has continued in every age since through God’s faithful servants.

What is Acts 29?

Acts 29 is a trans-denominational peer to peer network of missional church planting churches.

What does Acts 29 do?

Acts 29 churches assist called and qualified pastors as they pursue their church planting dreams through assessment, coaching, training, funding, and friendship by connecting them with like minded people.

What are the distinctives of Acts 29?

  • Our men: We believe local churches should be governed by godly husbands and fathers who are biblically qualified elders serving under the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Head of the church.
  • Our mission: We believe Lord Jesus desires the planting of church planting churches.
  • Our message: We believe the reformed gospel about Jesus Christ is the central message of the Bible.