Assessment Overview

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Assessment Tracks

Acts 29 offers the following different assessment tracks:

Exploring Church Planting

Who is this for? For those who are exploring church planting in the next 5 years, but don’t yet know if church planting is for them.

What is the criteria for applying? 25 years or older, and in discussion with your local church pastor about church planting as a possible vocation.

What is involved? Complete 9 online assignments, attend a one hour interview.

Church Planter Assessment

Who is this for? For those who have planted in the past 18 months or are going to plant in the next 12-18 months.

What is the criteria for applying? 28 years or older, formally affirmed by your local church and with a minimum of three years ministry experience.

What is involved? Complete 14 online assignments, attend an assessment conference.

Existing Church Assessment

Who is this for? For those who lead an existing church that wants to join Acts 29 to see more churches planted.

What is the criteria for applying? 28 years or older, and an elder in a local church with minimum of three years ministry experience.

What is involved? Complete 10 online assignments, followed by an on-site church assessment.


Stages of Assessment

Those who undertake the Church Planter Assessment or the Existing Church Assessment will go through the following three stages of assessment.

Applicant Church

Initial Application: A short online questionnaire enables us to know whether now is the right time to apply, and whether Acts 29 is the right organization to apply to.

Online Assignments: Successful applicants and applicant churches are then invited to complete a series of online assignments which take around 10/15 hours to complete in total. These assignments vary depending on the selected assessment track.

Phone interview: A telephone interview enables an Acts 29 assessor to get to know and assess the planter or lead pastor and to hear them articulate in person their vision for planting. Here a final decision is made on whether or not to proceed to the Assessment Conference.


  • For those on the church planter assessment track, the applicant and their wife (if married) will be invited to attend a two-day Assessment Conference. Through a series of different assessment environments, experienced Acts 29 church planters seek to get alongside applicants, to understand their context and assess their readiness to plant. A full assessment report is then sent to the applicants within 2 weeks.
  • For those on the existing church assessment track, a team of assessors will be sent outthe eldership of that church are requested to attend a 1 day Assessment Conference. This will provide an opportunity to learn and engage with Acts 29 both on a global and local network level. An interview will also take place between Acts 29 Assessors and the eldership. This is a two way interview to ensure that Acts 29 is the right home for the church.

There are four potential outcomes:

  • Recommended: Ready to plant or join Acts 29.
  • Recommended with Conditions: Ready to plant or join Acts 29, subject to some conditions that can be completed within 1 year.
  • Potential with Strong Conditions: Not yet ready to plant or Join Acts 29, but has the potential to, subject to strong conditions that can be completed within 2-3 years.
  • Not Recommended: Not recommended to plant or join Acts 29.

Each of these outcomes provides planters and churches with valuable feedback and support moving forward.

Candidate Church

Planters and Churches that are Recommended or Recommended with Conditions become Candidate churches. Their churches are listed as Candidate churches on our website and lead pastors are added to our internal communication platform. During the Candidate stage, any conditions set by the assessors are worked on and a coach is often assigned. Once Candidates have completed their conditions and have gathered a minimum number of core team members, they can apply for membership.

Member Church

As a Member church, the eldership signs the Acts 29 Covenant, which includes a financial commitment to Acts 29 and to church planting in general. As a Member, churches and planters benefit from local and global partnership, training and support.



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Acts 29 has developed a set of competencies that provide a standard against which we assess all church planters and pastors. We assess the lead planter/pastor on behalf of the church that wishes to join Acts 29. Click below to learn more.

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