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Acts 29 is a diverse, global family of church planting churches. It is such a joy for us to see churches planted all around the globe and specifically for our Network in Australia & New Zealand. This month we spoke to Kyllum and Karly from North Lakes, Queensland. Kyllum pastors Life Centre Church (LCC) North Lakes and also serves within Acts 29 as the QLD Regional Director. LCC North Lakes sent out a core team early this year to plant a new church, LCC Caloundra. We loved speaking with them about their personal church planting journey and what the past year has looked like planting out a new church.

When and how was LCC North Lakes planted?
LCC North Lakes was a replant. I took over the leadership of an existing church late 2010. My wife Karly and I were not clear whether God had called us to this task, but took the challenge on in faith and set a five year plan to evaluate whether or not God was calling us to it. The church was of the more charismatic expression and while there was much to rejoice in, there were also a significant number of areas theologically and methodologically that we were convicted by scripture needed to change. We spent the first four years seeking to revision the church around a renewed focus on the gospel, scripture and the mission of of the church. Those first four years were quite difficult and complicated and the shift we had hoped to see happen had not come to fruition. Therefore after much consultation and encouragement from others, particularly within Acts 29, we felt the Spirit lead us to give that fifth year to preparing for a full replant. After much prayer we focused 2015 on four areas that needed clarifying in order to successfully replant as a church.

  • We needed a people: We needed to identify the people God was calling to join us on our church planting journey. While about 80% of the church did not remain with us a small group of around 20 fully committed and faithful people remained all the way through. Most are still with us to this day and I am indebted to these incredible people.
  • We needed a plan: We needed to get some working definitions and frameworks that would help us move towards being what we felt was a healthy biblical church
  • We needed a plan: We needed to get some working definitions and frameworks that would help us move towards being what we felt was a healthy biblical church.
  • We needed a place: After much prayer and searching we felt led to the North Lakes region. One of the fastest growing areas in Queensland Australia.
  • We needed a pathway: With the ultimate goal of being a church planting church we needed to begin developing pathways that helped make disciples, develop leaders, establish elders and send planters.

While none of the above were achieved in the ideal sense we did replant LCC to North Lakes mid-2016, have since moved three locations and in January this year (2019) we planted our first church in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast to the glory of God.

What did it look like to plant out LCC Caloundra?
During the replanting stage Jimmy and Kirsty Smith-Cottrell and their wonderful family joined our church with Jimmy accepting a three year church planting residency. He came onto staff part-time initially and once he finished his Bachelor of Theology degree he joined our team as a full-time executive pastor. He was thrown into the deep end and was absolutely essential in helping us replant. And to be honest there is probably no better opportunity to experience and be equipped in church planting quite like being on a team that is doing it. As part of the residency Jimmy and Kirsty were assessed by LCC North Lakes and Acts 29 independently. There was a clear call to church planting on them early on and the biggest question was really about timing and location. While we had strategic ideas we really felt the location needed to be driven from their hearts. The timing needed to include their readiness as a family, the health of our church  and being approved through the Acts 29 process. Discerning the location took some time on their part but during the final year of the residency they really felt the call to Caloundra. 2018 became their final year with us. By mid 2018 they were approved by Acts 29 as Candidates, we then began the recruitment and fund-raising process with the plan to plant the first week of 2019. And by God’s grace we did. Jimmy and Kirsty and LCC Caloundra began meeting in their new home and on Easter Sunday launched public services. It has been an absolute joy to plant another gospel centered, bible preaching church and look forward to seeing LCC Caloundra do likewise in the coming years.

Praying out the LCC Caloundra Core Team | LCC Caloundra gathering in Jimmy & Kirsty’s home

What drew your interest into Acts 29 initially & what made you want to commit to A29?
To be honest we needed a home. We were an independent charismatic church with an inexperienced church leader (me). If we were going to make it through the difficult task ahead my wife and I knew we needed support, encouragement and accountability. I enquired about a number of denominations but after attending numerous Acts 29 events throughout Australia I just really felt at home, both theologically and relationally. Karly began attending a few events with me and I remember asking her how she felt about Acts 29. Her response I hope continues to describe Acts 29 in the distant future. She said, “I’ve never heard people talk more about Jesus than these men and women. And I’ve never experience leaders ask how I am and our family is before asking about the size of our church and ministry.” While we needed a home theologically, it really was the relational aspect that drew us in. Acts 29 has become a large family for us and now our church.

Where are you seeing God at work & how can we be praying for LCC?
God is amazingly kind. He continues to draw people into our church. We are seeing numerous people have gospel awakenings and grow in their faith. We’ve seen marriages restored, people baptised, de-churched people return home and our Gospel Partners continue to grow every quarter. God is doing great things but the greatest thing I believe he is doing is deepening our churches love for God’s Word. It’s wonderful to see.

Please pray for us in four main areas.

  1. More leaders. While planting has been a joy, it has not come without its difficulties. We sent some great people and leaders that carried significant weight and we really miss them relationally and their service within our church. By God’s grace leaders are stepping up yet we still need more labourers and leaders.
  2. Mission. We desire to see our church continue to grow in boldness in mission.
  3. New Service time. We launched a new service time of 9:30am on August 25th and would love to see God use this to reach more people for Jesus.
  4. Financially. We anticipating we’ll need a new church home in the coming 12-24 months. While our current space is a huge blessing if we continue to grow it simply won’t be able to meet our church families needs. Therefore we’ll need generosity from inside and outside our church to help make this a reality. And favour from our Local Council and town planners that typically don’t want churches.

Join with us in praying for LCC North Lakes and Caloundra. If you would like to get connected to either of these churches or find out more information, please visit the website, LCC North Lakes Facebook or LCC Caloundra Facebook.

If you would like to learn more about the Acts 29 assessment process visit Plant A Church.

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Tearna Reid
Written by: Tearna Reid on October 31, 2019

Operations & Events Coordinator | Australia & New Zealand

Tearna comes to Acts 29 with many years of event and administration experience in both the business & education sector. Tearna is married to Tom and they were part of a core team who planted Liberti Church on the Gold Coast, Australia in 2015. She enjoys watching movies, reading books, and catching up with people over food.