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Grace Bible Church

Lead Pastor: Dave McMurry
1203 Winkler Ave., Killeen, TX 76542

Sunday 9:00 AM
Sunday 10:45 AM
Sunday 5:00 PM

Contact Details

Email: office@begrace.org

Telephone: 254.690.1728


Who Are We?

This is the place where we try to describe Grace Bible Church. It’s very tempting to try and explain how great we are. The truth is: we’re not so great. As a matter of fact, membership here is based on being willing to face the reality that we are broken. Not only have we been broken by others’ sin against us, we quite often sin ourselves.

We are not as brave, as kind, or as generous as God designed us to be.

But this is where it gets good! Jesus Christ did not come for those who have it all together (or think they have it all together). Jesus came for the sick. Jesus very literally gave himself for us, to bring us back to God.

So even though we are broken, we don’t walk around whining about it. We actually spend more time thanking God for his grace. As one author said, “Cheer up! You are more broken than you ever dared to think, but you are more loved than you had ever hoped!” Not only does this truth cheer us up, but it is slowly changing us. We would love for you to join us in the adventure!

What to Expect as a Visitor

Our worship services are pretty simple. We sing songs to God. We pray. We learn from the Bible. We share communion monthly. We have a little box by the door for financial gifts.

We like to laugh, but we also believe in reverence. We sing new songs and ancient ones. We dress casually, but we try to do things with excellence. Our preacher studies ahead of time and our musicians practice. These public worship services are planned but we give people opportunities to share spontaneously and pray for each other in smaller community groups that meet in homes.

Finding Our Building

Our current facility is a little hard to find. You can click on “directions” to get help from Google. Ironically, Grace Bible Church is situated just a little south of Grace Lutheran Church, and slightly north-west of Grace Christian Center. We gather in a humble metal building that we purchased from another church in December 2007. It is not very impressive, but we are thankful for God’s provision of a facility. It is nice to have air conditioning when it’s hot, and a roof when it is raining. We run out of parking spaces quickly, but you are welcome to park at the Plaza del Sol shopping center or Kids Therapeze physical therapy center. Worship services are held in the main building. Sunday morning classes gather in the main buildings and also in the Plaza shopping center.

We invite you to come worship with us!


Our first public worship service was held August 20, 2006 in an elementary school cafeteria. It was the culmination of many years of prayer and planning. The leaders of Temple Bible Church in Temple, Texas felt God calling them to establish a new church in the greater Fort Hood area.

After years of prayer and research, a core group of interested volunteers began meeting monthly in January 2006. The goal of those meetings was to commit to replicate the Biblical core values of the “mother church” in a culturally unique expression as an independent “daughter church”. Today our churches have different styles and personalities, but both are committed to the same value of sharing the ancient message of redemption in a culturally relevant way.

Learn more at begrace.org