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Blessings Ndhlovu

Twatasha, Zambia

12% funded

About Me:

I am Pastor Blessings Ndhlovu from Zambia, Africa. I am pastoring a church called Faith Baptist Twatasha. I have been pastoring this church for three years after graduating from seminary and completing an internship at Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka. I met my wife, Mukwamba Helena, at seminary and we got married in 2015. We have one daughter called Heavenly Michelle Ndhlovu.

About the Church:

The church was started by an American missionary working with a Zambian pastor, but in 2015 I came to take over when the church was left without a pastor. When I came there were 10 members; thankfully now we have 25-35 attending every Sunday and in October we ordained our first deacons. The vision is to be a united body of Christians, joyful for the work of salvation in Zambia and the world.

About the Community:

The church is located in an area that experiences great sufferings. Most of the people don’t work and depend on farming to live. There are high levels of drunkenness, fornication, adultery, abortion, smoking, early marriages and lots of uneducated people. Traditional beliefs are very strong. In this kind of a dark environment the truth of God is easily seen and his light shines brightly.

Prayer Requests:

  • For wisdom for me and my family, growth in God’s word and for God’s provision for my family.
  • For another elder since I work alone, and for spiritual growth of our people in deeds not just in words. Also pray for wisdom for the new deacons and for our church building renovation, as it is in a bad condition.
  • That God opens doors for us to reach out to many, that we may shine and that they may see the true Christianity in us. Please pray that God will provide for us to help the most needy in the community.

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