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Dan James

Leicester, UK

8% funded

About Me:

I am married to Jamie with a daughter called Aoife. We live in Eyres Monsell, a deprived part of Leicester where I worked as a primary school teacher for 5 years. I recently left teaching to become Assistant Pastor of Avenue Community Church with the hope of planting in Eyres Monsell in the future. Jamie is a part-time language teacher at a local school, and Aoife is a huge fan of reading, running, painting and bouncing.

About the Church:

Avenue was planted 12 years ago and has seen God working in her since then. It is based in a part of the city populated by young graduates and families. We are currently exploring the possibility of changes and planting in the future.

About the Community:

Eyres Monsell is a very deprived and needy part of the city, full of brilliant people who are surviving as best they can despite constant withdrawal of public services and without any gospel witness. It is quite ‘insular’ and wary of outsiders and authority; it has remained populated by mostly white, British families in a very diverse city. There are two primary schools serving the estate which are regularly faced with a lot of safeguarding and child protection issues.

Prayer Requests:

  • For growth in the knowledge and love of Jesus, and an increased boldness in calling people to live for him – through evangelism, discipling, preaching and teaching.
  • For us as we seek to reach the different areas of Leicester, that we’d do so efficiently, effectively and with the Spirit’s power and boldness.
  • Eyres Monsell is in desperate need. Please pray that the desire, opportunity and ability to begin a work on the estate grows in the hearts of members of Avenue Community Church.

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