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Juanma Gutierrez Ortiz

Sevilla, Spain

8% funded

About Me:

I was born into a nominally Catholic and dysfunctional family. As the oldest of seven siblings I had to provide for my family from an early age. My wife and I met when we were teenagers and we got married at the age of 21. We moved to a neighborhood outside of the city and met a couple who shared the gospel with us. We then began attending an evangelical church where we were saved and baptized. God blessed us with four children and we continued to grow in our faith.

About the Church:

Whilst attending another church in Sevilla, a group of us began doing evangelism and discipleship in hard neighborhoods. As people were converted we began meeting in their homes and then in a community space. As a church we decided that the best way to impact the neighborhood was by planting a local church. God called me to lead this church plant with the support of my pastors and home church, so we were sent out with the vision to preach the gospel and make disciples for the glory of God.

About the Community:

Iglesia Bautista Fe – San Rafael is based in the district of Torreblanca, in the eastern part of Sevilla. It is a predominantly gypsy neighborhood where most people live in shacks. There are high levels of unemployment, and sex trafficking is a real issue.

Prayer Requests:

  • For my health as I go through knee replacement rehabilitation and am unable to work for 5 months.
  • For the spiritual growth of our new Christians and for a permanent location where we can meet.
  • For the leaders of this broken community and for victims of the sex trafficking industry we find here.

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