Acts 29 cares about the health and long-term stability of gospel-centered, multiplying churches. Through cohorts of 8-12 leaders in a similar stage of church leadership, we provide resources and fellowship to our church leaders with the goal of their overall health and engagement with the mission of Acts 29.

*This video was filmed in 2019, but the experience of leader cohorts is still the same, and is consistent across all types of cohorts in Acts 29.


The following chart outlines the unique (and different!) roles that cohorts and areas play within Acts 29 and how Acts 29 churches and leaders should engage with them both.


Pastoral ministry and leadership can be lonely at times and I am grateful for the relationships forged with the other men in my cohort that are navigating the same opportunities and threats I am both in the church as pastor and leader and the home as husband and father.

Matt ChandlerThe Village Church

I love good theology but I also need clear strategy. The Acts 29 Cohort puts me around guys doing both in their local church. Every guy is a teacher and every guy is a student. It’s amazing. I wish every pastor could be in one of these!

Chris LewisFoothill Church

My cohort captures the essence of Acts 29, what we all love about the network: I learn a ton, have fun, and go home with fresh vision and energy.

Hunter BeaumontFellowship Church Denver

There is something about meeting with guys from different parts of the country, yet the same size dynamic as my church. I have grown as a leader and as a follower of Jesus through this type of peer-to-peer interaction. Bar none, this is my favorite opportunity for investment in others, and profitable investment in myself.

Ty NealGrace Point Church