Network: North America

Series: Conference | US West Annual Conference 2018

Speaker: Harvey Turner

Acts 29 has said that it wants to be known for four things: (1) Planting churches that plant churches, (2) Pursuing holiness and humility, (3) Being a radically diverse and global community, and (4) Praying for conversions through evangelism. At the 2018 US West Annual Conference, 675+ attendees joined together to take a deep dive into each of those four items through our six main sessions. The conference also offered 19 breakout sessions on very practical topics affecting the church today.

In this session, Harvey Turner breaks down Mark 11:15-18 where Jesus talks about the house of the Lord being a house of prayer for ALL nations, and the diversity of ethnic groups this represents.

Rachel Wolverton By Rachel Wolverton May 15, 2018