Introducing Susie Newhall | Acts 29 Operations Director Susie Newhall By Susie Newhall August 30, 2018
Acts 29 - A diverse, global family of church-planting churches

Tell us about yourself and your background

I was born in India where my parents were missionaries, living in the beautiful Himalayas and attending Woodstock, an international school with friends from all over the world. We relocated to Sheffield, UK which was definitely a culture shock: many of my new school friends had never left England.

I personally came to faith and was baptised as a teenager following an evangelistic event we attended as a church youth group.

I spent 3 years at college studying hospitality management before specialising in HR in which I have stayed for over 25 years … until now.

My HR experience has included talent management, leadership development, performance management and employee engagement. I have worked in a variety of sectors including health, IT, the financial sector, legal and outsourcing with experience of roles at national and international level.

I was made redundant at the end of February this year and was wondering what was next; I really wanted to do something that was about more than profit margin alone. I volunteered to help Steve Timmis with the HR stuff at Acts 29 which quickly segued into working full time on our organisational response to new data protection regulations in Europe.

I currently live in Leeds with my husband Andy and our fairly grown up teenagers – Abbie (19) and Cris (16). To keep life busy we also have two Norwegian Forest cats and Murphy, a spaniel.


What do you like doing in your spare time?

  • Walking the dog in the woods or the countryside – he is always happy and full of energy; the dog of joy
  • Cooking and spending time with the family
  • Interior decoration – books, magazines, tv programmes and even actually decorating
  • Reading – fact and fiction, as long as it is well written!

What do you love about Acts 29?

I love the vision, energy, clarity and passion for Jesus that is evident. The global diversity and breadth of Acts 29 is inspiring; the team are great and a privilege to work with.

Tell us about a specific project you’re excited about in the future of Acts 29

There are a few things I am excited about – it’s early days to have a favourite! Part of my role will be to translate the vision of the Lead team and the Networks into tangible deliverables that will help us to effectively drill deep and reach wide.

I think the work on the assessment process across all the Networks has created a robust process which will enable new church planters to be identified and supported. The new competencies and self assessment tool are a great introduction for prospective planters.

The Global Gathering next year will be a great opportunity to enable all those attending to build relationships, knowledge and inspiration for their part in achieving God’s mission. I am looking forward to working with the team to plan and deliver a memorable event.

I’m also excited to explore how we can further use IT and digital marketing to both grow the Acts 29 family relationships but also to support learning for leaders and church planters in geographically dispersed and hard to reach places.

How does the complementarian convictions of Acts 29 impact your position as a senior executive staff member?

It’s no big deal. Complentarianism is about having different but complementary roles within the local church. God has created men and women equally capable. The distinction for me of where my skills, experience and authority in my role is clear and I am entirely comfortable with it. Everyone in Acts 29 has been supportive, encouraging and has gone above and beyond to be helpful. I’m qualified, equipped, and am blessed to have the position. Oh, and I’m a woman.

How can we pray for you?

  • That I will build good relationships across Acts 29 with the Central Resource Team, Network Directors and wider family
  • That I can use the experience I have well
  • For wisdom, insight, energy and courage
  • That I will grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord
Susie Newhall Susie Newhall

Susie was born in India and moved to the UK aged 13. She studied hospitality management before specialising in HR in which she has over 25 years’ experience including talent management, leadership development, engagement and organisation development. She lives in Leeds with her husband Andy and their two teenagers.

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