Lead Teaching Pastor

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Position Overview:

Bldg 28 Church, located in Clearwater, Florida, is actively seeking a dedicated Lead Teaching Pastor who aligns unwaveringly with Reformed Theology and the tenets outlined in The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. This individual will serve primarily as a gifted, dynamic expository preacher and teacher of God’s word and serve as a caring shepherd to our congregation of over 600 regular attendees and 400+ members. The successful candidate will also passionately pursue discipleship, help lead in vision and direction alongside his fellow elders, and be active in community outreach with a love for sharing the gospel in the Clearwater area.


– The Lead Teaching Pastor will maintain a healthy, mature, and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
– He will invest time in personal scripture study and pastoral prayer, seeking to deepen his spiritual connection with God.
– He will continue to deepen his theological knowledge through continued personal study.
– The Lead Teaching Pastor will prioritize maintaining a strong relationship with his family, exemplifying love and care as a model for our church family.
– His life will embody the qualifications of an elder, displaying the fruit of the Spirit and meeting the character qualifications outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1–7 and Titus 1:6–9.

Gospel Focused:

– Committed to Gospel-centered preaching and teaching, the Lead Teaching Pastor will infuse the gospel into every facet of his ministry.
– He will lead the church family in Gospel-focused worship and service across all duties.

Team Focused:

– Fully embrace the plurality of elders in regard to church polity, and will help cultivate a healthy team of both staff and lay elders.
– He will embrace his role as a member of a team of pastors, submitting to their authority and serving in harmony with them.

His Purpose:

– The primary role of the Lead Teaching Pastor is to faithfully preach the gospel to the whole congregation and lead in teaching and instruction.
– He will be committed to the discipleship and shepherding of the flock – aiding them in their growth in sanctification.
– Additionally, the Lead Teaching Pastor will diligently pray for the body of Christ in which he serves.

Education, Experience, and Skills Requirements/Preferences:

– Post-secondary institution degree. (Reformed seminary degree preferred)
– Possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Word of God, being able to rightly handle the Word of truth and adequately present reformed doctrine.
– Demonstrate collaborative and effective teamwork, bridging ministry areas and advancing the mission and vision of BLDG28 Church.

Primary Responsibilities:

– Faithfully study the scriptures, preparing to preach the Word of God through expository and topical messages as led by the Lord.
– Schedule the preaching calendar for all services, coordinating with various service times and special events.
– Work closely with Worship leaders in planning and preparing for each service and special services throughout the year.
– Actively participate in the counseling team, focusing on the growth and development of believers within the church family and the broader community.
– Collaborate with the team of Elders in ministering to the entire body of Christ, utilizing respective gifts and experiences, and being accountable to one another.
– Contribute to the overall vision casting, mission planning, and strategic growth within the church, emphasizing spiritual needs and church family growth.
– Serve on various teams and committees as needed, enhancing ministry and equipping fellow believers for effective service.
– Strengthen other team leaders, pursuing excellence within the leadership team.
– Exercise loving church discipline alongside other Elders as necessary within the church family.
– Plan and participate with the other Elders in significant church events, including baptisms, baby dedications, and new member inductions.
Prioritize personal interactions with the church family, embodying the role of a Pastor, engaging and caring for the people of the church.

Contact email address: info@bldg28.com

To apply for this job please visit bldg28.com.