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The Director of Operations will serve City of God by overseeing the primary systems and structures that allow the church to function smoothly. This includes our operations related to events, finances, administration, communication, assimilation, facilities, and business obligations. The Director of Operations will train leaders and work alongside existing leaders who can accomplish the necessary tasks in each of these areas:

Specific Roles and Responsibilities
Role #1 – Systems and Structures
• Work alongside appropriate leaders to help develop City of God’s integral systems and structures.
• Provide oversight and training for leaders at the church as they develop systems and structures necessary for their ministries.
• Help oversee the ministries that comprise City of God, especially as it pertains to their specific function at City of God and how they fit together to help the church accomplish its primary mission.

Role #2 – Financial and Business Oversight
• Work with Finch (City of God’s CPA) to oversee the day-to-day finances at City of God Church.
• Review monthly reports from Finch and alert the staff and/or elders to any significant issues.
• Meet quarterly with the Financial Advisory Team to receive feedback on financial matters related to City of God.
• Function as the primary point of contact with Finch and Automated Payroll Services.
• Work with the elders and the Financial Advisory Team to put together our annual budget and ensure that individual ministries are aware of their available funds throughout the year.
• Ensure City of God’s compliance with annual business and tax filings.
• Work with the Compensation Team and Lead Pastor on any HR-related issues. This includes ensuring staff compliance with the City of God Employee Handbook.
• Be the point of contact for any facilities City of God currently uses.
• Help ensure compliance between the leadership team and any applicable church bylaws.

Role #3 – Events
• Work with any necessary elders, staff, or lay leaders to help ensure the quality of any City of God events. This includes everything from planning through execution, such as:
– Registration process
– Room setup
– Communication
– Deliverables
• Constantly assess the quality and effectiveness of the City of God’s ongoing events. Are there things we could be doing to create better environments that accomplish their intended goals? Are there things we could do to create more engagement or participation?
• Brainstorm ideas for improving our one-off events (e.g., Celebration Sunday, Easter, Christmas, Summer and/or fall kickoff, etc.).
• Oversee an all-church calendar available to our leaders to help coordinate events throughout the year. This will require consulting with the Pastor of Discipleship.

Role #4 – Communication
• Oversee all areas of City of God’s communication systems. This includes…
– Website
– Social Media
– Planning Center
– In service announcements
– Any other communication channel deemed helpful
• This individual will continually assess our communication strategies and ensure we are as efficient and effective as possible at keeping leaders and members updated on church news.
• This role will be performed with the help of City of God’s administrative assistant.

Role #5 – Assimilation
• Along with the Pastor of Discipleship, ensure City of God has a well-functioning assimilation process that helps to bridge the gap between someone’s first visit to City of God and their engagement beyond a Sunday morning.
• Oversee the development of a “Welcome Team” that will assist in engaging new visitors on Sunday mornings.
• Ensure visitors receive the relevant information they need to connect beyond a Sunday morning service.
• Work with our administrative assistant to create a helpful and effective follow-up strategy for engaging new visitors.

Role #6 – Various Responsibilities
• Fulfill all employment obligations per the City of God Employee Handbook.
• Be able to attend both services at City of God each Sunday morning. In part, this role will help ensure all facets of the Sunday morning service function smoothly (in conjunction with the hospitality leader, worship leader, and Lead Pastor).
• Various administrative tasks as deemed necessary (with the help of our administrative assistant).
• This role may require work to be done outside of normal business hours. Time may be flexed from the normal workday schedule to evenings when necessary.

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