Church Plant Residency

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This job is for residents and spouses who are convinced of their calling to plant a church and are fully committed to it. This program serves as a “finishing school” for them to prepare for the unique work of church planting. Candidates for this program can come from within Redeemer City or move here for residency.


  • Participate on Redeemer City Elder Team
  • Preach at least once a month
  • Co-Lead a City Group (Resident and Spouse)
  • Lead a Ministry Team
  • Personal Coaching towards development based on report from Assessment Center
    Core Group Development (Year 2)
  • Fundraising plan development and implementation (year 2)
  • Participate in Training and Coaching


Two Years


Health Insurance + Benefits + 50% salary provided by Redeemer City. 50% salary raised by resident.


  • Application and vetting process by Redeemer City Elders
  • Complete fundraising requirements
  • Resident and spouse assessed to help customize the residency program
  • Note: residents are NOT required to plant in Dane County
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