Church in Hard Places is a resource sharing collaborative that trains and supports indigenous church leaders in poor communities.

Many poor communities lack gospel preaching churches and many churches in poor communities lack access to affordable and relatable training. The Church in Hard Places Collaborative is a global initiative of Acts 29 to see churches planted in the world’s poorest communities.

We define hard places as areas that are socially and economically disadvantaged. The Church in Hard Places collaborative crosses languages, regions and ethnicities as we seek to engage the global poor with the gospel.


  1. TRAIN indigenous leaders in poor communities.
  2. RESOURCE the church in hard places by developing culturally relevant and accessible materials to equip those doing ministry to the poor.
  3. MOBILIZE Acts 29 churches to support the training and development of indigenous leaders in poor communities.
  4. INTEGRATE indigenous leaders in poor communities into the Acts 29 family.

Events, Resources, and Training

Contact us to find out more about our events and training opportunities:

  • Regional Church in Hard Places Workshops, Weekenders and Gatherings
  • Bi-monthly Church in Hard Places LEAD Conference Calls
  • Church in Hard Places Apprenticeship


From time to time our directors lead regional workshops on ‘Building Healthy Churches in Hard Places‘. These one-day events highlight core principles for building healthy gospel churches among the poor. To host a workshop in your church please email

See below for upcoming workshops


Church In Hard Places Apprenticeship

We will select 10 ministry leaders who are doing ministry in poor communities across the world to pursue this 2-year training course. Our goal is for each Apprentice to be equipped to build healthy churches in poor communities.

How Does the Apprenticeship Work?

Each apprentice will be trained in the areas of biblical studies, theology, preaching and church planting. The apprentice will receive a monthly reading and writing assignment and will meet with a field mentor. The group will meet together to discuss the assignments via a video conference call. Each year every apprentice will be invited to participate in an annual one week intensive training course either in the UK or the USA. At the completion of the apprenticeship the successful apprentice will be invited to be assessed as a candidate to join the Acts 29 Network in their location. 

The application process:

  • Stage 1: Request an Application Form
  • Stage 2: Phone call to the Operations Manager of Church in Hard Places
  • Stage 3: Acceptance into the program and course enrollment
  • Stage 4: Begin Acts 29 Church in Hard Places Assessment Track

Sponsor a Planter enables Church in Hard Places to train and develop indigenous church leaders in poor communities around the world.

Many church leaders in poor communities lack access to affordable and relatable training. How will these men be trained to preach and teach the Bible? How will they be prepared for faithful pastoral ministry? How will they be equipped to build healthy gospel-centered churches in poor communities around the world?

The Church in Hard Places Apprenticeship provides two years of theologically robust and culturally relevant training — training that is accessible, relatable, and affordable.

Use the button below for more details on how you can Sponsor a Planter.



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Leadership + Staff

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Doug Logan Co-Director of Church in Hard Places Doug Logan has been involved in urban ministry for nearly 20 years. In 2011 he planted Epiphany Fellowship of Camden with his wife, Angel. They have three adult sons & three grandchildren. He is the founder of the On the Block Collective, and author of 'On The Block: Developing a Biblical Picture for Missional Engagement'.
Mez McConnell Co-Director of Church in Hard Places Mez McConnell is the senior pastor of Niddrie Community Church. He spent four years working with street children in Brazil and planted the Good News Church. He is the director of 20Schemes, a church planting and revitalization initiative in Scotland. Mez is married to Miriam and has two daughters, Keziah and Lydia.
Matthew Spandler-Davison Operation Manager of Church in Hard Places Matthew is originally from Stonehaven, Scotland. He is a graduate of the University of Aberdeen and was awarded a doctorate by The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Matthew is married to Tracy and has two daughters. He is a church planter and the pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church, in Bardstown, KY.
Richard Clemens Development Manager of Church in Hard Places Rick spent 20+ years in the Athletic shoe industry before moving to Scotland for a 2-year Ministry Internship with 20schemes. He joined Acts 29 as the Development Manager for Church in Hard Places in July 2018. Rick is married to Sarah and has a son called Aaron. He is a member of Redeemer Fellowship Church, Bardstown, KY.
Timothy Gillum Administrative Assistant of Church in Hard Places Timmy was raised in a non-Christian home in the rural town of Lebanon, KY. He came to faith in January 2017 after attending church with his now fiancée Alex. Timmy joined Redeemer Fellowship Church in Bardstown, KY. He joined Acts 29 as Administrative Assistant for Church in Hard Places in February 2018.
Aharon Logan Marketing and Communications Assistant Aharon was born to an inner-city church planter and has been raised in the ministry his entire life. For three years he worked as an executive assistant for a Presbyterian church in New Jersey. He now serves Acts 29 both centrally and in the Church in Hard Places team.