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Acts 29 - A diverse, global family of church-planting churches

Acts 29 family – member pastors and member churches / candidate pastors and candidate churches / applicant pastors and applicant churches

We are a global family of over 700 churches and we collect personal information that helps us stay in touch with the Acts 29 family of lead pastors and their churches. The personal data that we collect includes:

  • Contact details (name, home address, telephone number, email)
  • Date of birth
  • Languages spoken
  • Family information, for example, spouse
  • Financial information
  • Events attended
  • Communication history
  • Notes of pastoral conversations to provide support and maintain continuity whilst working through an issue with a data subject
  • Applicant and candidate pastors consent as part of the assessment process, to provide information on beliefs, opinions, general health and relationships. This personal data is classed in the EU as sensitive and is subject to increased security measures with access limited to relevant assessors
  • Information on progress (including fact and opinion) from others, for example a supervisor, mentor, colleague or other relevant person
  • Information (including fact and opinion) in relation to any investigation of complaints that may be required
  • Photo and video footage of Acts 29 events (with consent)

We use personal data on the basis of legitimate purpose to:

  • Maintain contact across networks and the global church family; contact details are held on our CRM system
  • Build relationships with applicants, candidates, member pastors and their churches
  • Communicate with individuals, groups (e.g. candidate pastors), churches, and networks
  • Process applications for Acts 29 membership and to rigorously assess candidates for suitability to be member pastors of church planting churches
  • Plan, facilitate and host events locally, in networks and globally
  • Process transactions for events or to process donations made through the site
  • Develop resources and support church planting pastors and their churches
  • Create podcasts, videos etc to share Acts 29 news and stories, or for thoughts from leadership on key aspects of theology, church planting and sharing the gospel
  • Track the progress of applicants and candidates on their journeys to becoming member pastors
  • Provide pastoral or other support for lead pastors / their churches
  • Seek donations and track financial support which will enable more church planting and the global growth and reach of the gospel
  • Maintain and use IT systems
  • Administer / manage our website, systems and application such as mail distribution
  • Inform strategy and planning, e.g. monitoring age profiles of lead pastors / candidates/ applicants using aggregated data across networks
  • Measure progress on Acts 29 goals such as the diversity of network leadership teams

We retain personal data processed by Acts 29 for as long as is considered necessary for the purpose for which it was collected (including as required by applicable law or regulation).

In the absence of specific legal regulatory or contractual requirements our indicative baseline retention periods are:

  • Contact details maintained in line with the continuing relationship between us
  • Assessment details retained throughout the period of assessment and erasure after 3 years of becoming a member or 5 years after registering as a potential church planter and having not progressed this intention
  • Event details for 3 months after the event concludes
Acts 29 Office:

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Tel: (+1) 949-771-4664