Urban Minority Church Planter Residencies
Acts 29 - A diverse, global family of church-planting churches

An Incredible Opportunity

Church Planting Residencies allow men to be equipped to plant a church in the context of an existing healthy church, with an intentional mentor, and the incredible peer relationship benefits of a cohort of men all being trained to do the same.

Acts 29 has an incredible opportunity to look within its own churches, along with recruitment from partner organizations such as Campus Outreach, to identify high level emerging leaders who we can train and launch to plant churches that, in turn, build up leaders to plant churches.

The Strategic Importance

Specifically, we feel like it is most strategic to intentionally focus resources and attention on minority leaders for these Church Planting Residencies. This will help Acts 29 not just further become a diverse, global family of church planters but also the men and the churches we plant become highly strategic outposts in their building of racially and culturally diverse, Bible preaching, Disciple Making, City Loving churches.

Investment and attention in this strategic way and at this strategic time allows Acts 29 to become a home and tribe for top shelf minority leaders to come be trained to ensure healthy leaders that plant healthy, flourishing churches that can reach and then train a diverse group of emerging leaders.

Acts 29 Board Member John Bryson has a decade of Church Planting Residency experience at Fellowship Memphis and with Fellowship Associates in Little Rock, AR.  He has committed to give shape and strategy to these new Acts 29 Church Planting Residencies.



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