Acts 29 Urban

Resources, coaching, and training for church pastors & leaders in America's inner cities.

Urban and inner-city areas are among the most neglected mission fields within the United States. Both a thorough understanding of the unique challenges urban planters face and a lifelong commitment to gospel partnerships are needed for the church to thrive in urban contexts. Acts 29 is committed to supplying frontline urban planters with the tools and resources needed to build sustainable, healthy, local churches in America’s inner cities.

Free Education & Training Resources

Acts 29 Urban provides church-planting support to urban planters through theological education, contextualized content and coaching, and financial support. We offer online coaching calls, in-person conferences, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and preaching content to serve and strengthen urban pastors.

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Vice President for US Advancement

Doug Logan is an Associate Director for Acts 29 & has been in urban ministry for nearly 25 years. In 2011, he planted Epiphany Fellowship of Camden with his wife, Angel. They have 3 sons & 3 grandchildren. He serves as the President of Grimké Seminary, founded On the Block Collective, & is the author of ‘On The Block.'


Urban Strategist

Tyler St. Clair is the lead pastor of Cornerstone Church Detroit. He is a regular contributor to the Acts 29 blog. Tyler is also the US Network Lead for Church in Hard Places and Urban Strategist with Acts 29 Urban. He also acts as a liaison between Acts 29 and Grimké Seminary Urban. Tyler is married to his best friend and has 5 amazing kids.


Urban & Diversity Content Strategist

Steve Ross has been married to his lifelong best friend Jamie since they were 19. They're blessed to raise three sons and five daughters together. He serves as the Lead Pastor at Arise, a gospel-centered multiethnic church in Ventura, CA. and Steve loves shepherding the church toward unity in diversity.