US West | 2021 Funding Application

Acts 29 US West is committed to promoting and funding a church planting movement in the Western United States. Each year we provide several Acts 29 full member churches with funding. In order to be considered to receive funding, you must complete the application below by December, 28, 2020. A funding team made up of leaders throughout the Acts 29 US West network will review applications and make final funding decisions by January 15, 2021.

Funding Guidelines

Why do we fund church plants?

  • We believe in church planting and want to multiply.
  • Cooperative funding is a great way for us to participate together in the start of new churches.
  • We are looking to increasingly diversify our network.
  • We are looking to help church plants move from stage 2 to stage 3.
    • Stage 1 (0-50 adults)
    • Stage 2 (50-150 adults)
    • Stage 3 (financially self-supporting)

Who do we fund?

  • We fund full members of Acts 29.
  • We make one-year funding commitments.
  • We fund churches who are within the first three years of planting. (This is not from the point of launch, but from the time that a church planter first begins taking any outside support.)

How much do we fund?

  • Funding amounts vary annually and are decided by the network funding team.

What are the requirements for funded churches?

  • We require every church we fund to contribute 3% of internal giving back to Acts 29 US West.

What is required to apply for funding?

  • The completion of a strategic plan following the outline found in Seven Questions Every Church Should Answer.
  • A thorough application (below) submitted by December 28, 2020, including a completed strategic plan.
  • A video interview with the funding team.

Relevant Dates

  • December 28, 2020: Completed application due
  • January 15, 2021: Funding decisions made by US West funding team
  • February 2021: Funding begins
  • December 2021: Funding concludes