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Stage-Specific Cohorts
We offer a variety of stage-specific cohorts that are immensely practical. Our primary goal is to connect your most significant needs with the best practitioners, resources, and training possible. We do this in a relational context with identified mentors and coaches. Cohorts often meet over the span of a year in a combination of in-person and virtual gatherings.

A few cohorts we currently offer to Acts 29 US West member churches:

  • New Church Cohort (open to any member church)
  • Small Church Cohort (open to any member church)
  • Medium Church Cohort (invitation-only)
  • Large Church Cohort (invitation-only)
  • Multipliers Cohort (open to any member church)

For more information on one or more of these coaching opportunities, contact

Acts 29 US West Online Training
We want to train, and we want to resource. Acts 29 US West Online Training is an effort to do both. We currently offer ten courses in our “Leader’s Series” that collectively provide the curriculum for a turn-key church-planting residency that can be used as-is or customized as desired. While these courses were designed with the church planter in mind, many of our churches find that they can utilize them to train a wide range of people in things like leadership, discipleship, and more.

Our courses at-a-glance:

  • Leader’s Series Program
    • 10 courses
    • 2-3 year turnkey Church Planter and Pastor Residency
    • 6-9 month Church Planter Fellowship
    • Single course options provide benefit to a wide range of people
  • Future courses and programs in the works

Visit for more information.

Local Church Residencies
Throughout the Western United States, we offer church-based residencies in a variety of cities and churches. These residencies are affordable and accessible, offering a wide range of people an opportunity to explore the call to plant and get trained to launch.

For more information on these residencies and their locations, contact

Training the Trainers
This program trains our local churches in the “nut and bolts” of running robust training, intentional discipleship, and residency programs in their local churches. You come with the “want to” and we provide some “how to” in a flexible way that encourages you to customize for your context, church, stage, and more.

Some key highlights:

  • In-person initial training that transitions into virtual cohort
  • “Training the Trainers” answers many questions that trainers encounter, such as:
    • How to utilize the online training opportunities offered by Acts 29 US West
    • Who do we train?
    • How can we structure our schedules so that we have time to train?
    • What are the objectives?
    • What tools can I use?
    • How can we fund training initiatives?

If you’d like to learn more about our Training the Trainers offerings, contact

Live Conferences and Events
Acts 29 US West offers 80+ events annually that leverage the best of local leaders and international speakers to engage with a wide variety of issues concerning everyday church life, leadership development, eldership, and more. Events can range in size from a few dozen to several hundred. For more information, check out the events on our website, or contact

Weekly Training Calls
We do a training call each Thursday at 11:10 a.m. (PT) for our pastors, leaders, staff, and other team members. If you’d like to receive information about these calls, you can join our monthly e-newsletter to get reminders of our monthly training call schedule.

Central Office:

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