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We are less than 50 days away from our European conference (May 7-9, 2018) in Belgrade, Serbia and whether you are already booked or perhaps still thinking about it, here are 21 reasons why you should attend.

  1. You’ll meet church-planters from all around Europe (256 from 26 countries and counting).
  2. You’’ll be inspired by stories of God’s faithfulness in all sorts of contexts.
  3. You’ll inspire others by your presence and by what God is doing in your country.
  4. You’ll learn from Matt Chandler how to live as elect exiles from 1 Peter.
  5. You’ll learn from Steve Timmis how the gospel shapes everything and how you can start letting the gospel shape every area of your life and ministry.
  6. You’ll connect with planters from the US who love church-planting in Europe and want to partner with us.
  7. You’ll encourage the church in Serbia (and contribute to the Belgrade economy).
  8. If you’re planting in a city, you’ll leave with ideas about how to connect with city-dwellers.
  9. If you’re planting in a rural area, you’ll leave with ideas about how to grow healthy churches in your context.
  10. If you’re planting in suburbia, you’ll learn from others who are doing the same.
  11. If you’re planting in hard places, you’ll learn from our Churches in Hard Places collective.
  12. If you’re looking for gospel training when and where you need it, you’ll get a chance to meet our Crosslands partners.
  13. If you’re planting in post-Catholic Europe, you’ll be resourced.
  14. If you’re planting in post-Protestant Europe, you’ll be encouraged.
  15. If you’re planting is parts of Europe where Islam is strong, you’ll be inspired by stories of what God is doing and could do in your church-plant.
  16. You’ll sing the great truths of the gospel with brothers and sisters from around Europe.
  17. If you haven’t planted your church yet, you can start the assessment process.
  18. If you’re a pastor of an existing church, you’ll be itching to start your next plant.
  19. If you’re part of a church-planting team you will be equipped to contribute even more meaningfully to the plant.
  20. If you want to partner to plant in other parts of Europe, in the 10/40 window and amongst unreached people groups, you will be connected to all the people you need to know to take the next step.
  21. If you are feeling isolated in your context, you will likely meet someone else from a similar context, and you will definitely have the chance to link up with others and be supported.

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Philip Moore
Written by: Philip Moore on 20 Marzo, 2018

Philip Moore is married to Rachel and they have 5 children. In 2006 Phillip moved to France to pastor a church in the Paris area. Since then, by God’s grace, the church has planted 3 daughter churches and trained and sent a couple to plant a church in the centre of Paris. He is now the Acts 29 Network Director for Europe.