For those married, a healthy marriage is one of the eleven competencies that Acts 29 considers essential when assessing church planters. You can explore the Competencies further on the Acts 29 Competencies page.


Church planting is a task that all are called to regardless of being married or single. Paul speaks very highly of marriage, ‘This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church.’ Ephesians 5:32. Marriage begins in creation with God and is ultimately fulfilled in the new creation when the bride of Christ is united with her husband. Church planters who are married must have a gospel understanding of marriage, so that their marriage, and that of others, may thrive in the context of a church plant.



  1. How do you specifically practice a Christ-like mutual submission toward one another?
  2. Are you equipping, listening and working with your spouse on gospel projects?
  3. If single or married, how are you finding your identity in Christ and not in the idea of marriage or in the marriage itself?
  4. As it relates to the conviction to plant a church, is your spouse in full agreement and do you both share the burden to see a church planted?
  5. Given the importance the Bible places on marriage, how are you nurturing and strengthening it?


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Written by: on Juni 13, 2018