Theological Clarity is one of the eleven competencies that Acts 29 considers essential when assessing church planters. You can explore the Competencies further on the Acts 29 Competencies page.


Church planting is a theological enterprise. At the great commission the disciples are told to make theologically formed disciples (Matthew 28:18–20). A church planter must be able to rightfully handle the scriptures with clarity and insight, so that they may equip the saints for every good work. Theological clarity enables planters to engage with their culture, to protect the church from false doctrine and to bring the gospel message to all.



  1. Are you confident in articulating your position on the following doctrines: God, Church, Salvation, Word, Man and Creation?
  2. Are you drawn to the study of, and have a natural appetite for thinking deeply about theology?
  3. Can you see clearly which doctrines are under attack in your society and within the church?
  4. Does theological study lead you to worship, discipleship and mission?
  5. In evangelism, are you able to engage in other world views with a Christian apologetic?


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Written by: on 6月 11, 2018