I am extremely excited and humbled by the Presidency of Acts 29. God has shown immense favor on our little network that is over 400 churches on six continents. Every weekend men and women are being saved and lives are being transformed by the gospel being fearlessly proclaimed in every environment imaginable. From rural areas to the suburbs, to urban centers like Manhattan, Boston and Seattle, in the UK and in Australia, South Africa and South America men of God are proclaiming the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ with Holy Spirit power and God is saving, healing and transforming. I often dwell on this during the week. The thought that God is at work everywhere around us, it’s warm water to my soul to know that I am in the trenches with such godly men who love the God of the scriptures and are seeing the Spirit move in such incredible ways.

Over the next couple of months we are working on moving Acts 29’s offices and resources to Dallas as well as running several diagnostics on our systems to make sure we are accomplishing all that God would have us accomplish. Please pray for us in the weeks to come. There is much to be done and we desperately want our eyes to stay fixed on Jesus and the mission of God to seek and save the lost. When everything settles I want to begin to share with you the stories that I’ve mentioned above. For now, here is a quick video of one of our church plants that planted a church that’s gearing up to plant a church. The video shows the movement from one church to another to another and so on and so on until the world knows!

Matt Chandler By Matt Chandler 25 Aprile, 2012