Network: Canada

There are lots of conferences. And most of them are really good.

So why have another conference?

Let me give you a few reasons:

1. Robust is the first Acts 29 Canada conference

Acts 29 Canada network started in January, 2017. We have been working hard to build relationships, strategize, develop a training pipeline, assess some church planters, and form a leadership team. So, we are finally getting to the first conference. And it will be a pre-conference to The Gospel Coalition Canada’s inaugural conference.

2. It will be a short, action-packed morning

Consider it a good warm-up for TGC.

3. Steve Timmis

This man loves Jesus, the Church, and the mission. Not only is he a leader, but a practitioner. Everything he speaks about he also does in his normal life.

He has been at the helm of the network’s transition into a very healthy place. You can read about that here.

4. Mez McConnell

Mez has worked in difficult places all over the world, including the schemes of Scotland to the favelas of Brazil. He also is a practitioner of what he preaches.

Mez and Doug Logan have started a collaborative within Acts 29 called, Church in Hard Places (based on the book). During the conference, Mez will unpack how this collaborative can help in Canada.

On a side note, but related, in 2019 there will be four Church in Hard Places workshops happening in four different cities. More will be announced at the pre-conference.

5. Jonathan Dodson

This guy has helped me understand church planting, loving Jesus, listening to the Spirit, resting, being present for my family, and so much more. He is a great friend, mentor, and brother.

I have asked Dodson to speak on the Holy Spirit and how He is crucial to any kingdom endeavour moving forward. If you have not engaged any of his material before, do yourself a favour and start before the conference.

6. Understand what Acts 29 Canada is about

I will unpack what the next couple years look like for the network, as well as introduce the leadership team, staff team, and all the Acts 29 Canada planters that can be there.

The goal is for you to leave inspired and expectant for what God can do in Canada and in the world based on what He has already done in Christ and is currently doing by the power of the Spirit.

7. It’s only $30

Register here.

Dwight Bernier
Written by: Dwight Bernier on 9月 10, 2018

Dwight (@Dwight_Bernier) and his wife, Jessica, live in Montréal with their four children. In 2011 they began Church 21, a multi-location church in the province of Québec. Dwight has a great desire to see churches planted all throughout Canada. He serves as network director of Acts 29 Canada; enjoys baseball, running, reading, U2, and playing in the city with his family.