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Redemption Church is a one-year-old church plant in San Diego, CA that meets in University City next to the University of California, San Diego campus. We are about 15 minutes from downtown and just a few minutes from the coast. Our neighborhood is a healthy mix of college students, young and working professionals, and retirement communities.

Being near a college campus comes with its advantages and disadvantages. We believe the university student is a prime candidate for evangelism and discipleship, given the shocking drop-off rates of Christians from college to post-college. We also understand the difficulties of sharing the Gospel with university students in today’s society.

Our service teams are flooded with college students—a great blessing to our congregation, and something we’ve intentionally prayed for over the past months. But, many of our college students do not call San Diego home, meaning that just as we’re getting used to all the new faces, summer or a holiday break comes along, and our attendance and volunteer teams see a drastic decline. So though we love our college students, we’re trying hard to reach more of the older generation in our neighborhood as well, by serving at community events and even going door-to-door to introduce ourselves. We’re praying for greater age diversity in our attendance, volunteers, and leaders.

God is moving, not only in bringing college students to Redemption, but also those who don’t yet know Him. On any given Sunday, there could be as many as 20% of attendees that are non-believers. We’re so grateful that God has given us this opportunity, and over the past year we’ve seen a number of these folks coming week after week. In the past few weeks, we’ve baptized 5 people, 2 of which were new believers. God is also moving in raising up three new preachers in our midst, which is a great blessing to me as I get a break, but is also a great opportunity to see these men beginning to utilize their God-given gifts.

As you think of Redemption Church, would you please join us in praying for financial sustainability by the end of 2017 and for more believers (of all ages) to join us on the mission to evangelize and disciple those God is bringing to our midst? We’re encouraged by what God is doing and can’t wait to see what he will do in the coming weeks and months.


Each year, Acts 29 US West has the joy of funding a number of church plants. Redemption Church is one of 17 church plants we’re funding in 2017. You can read about more of these church plants on our blog!

Bobby Rife
Written by: Bobby Rife on 6月 26, 2017

Bobby is the Lead Pastor and Church Planter at Redemption Church San Diego. He and his wife Aimee have three kids. In his free time, he can be found surfing, playing soccer, or hanging out with friends.