In Portuguese-speaking Africa, churches are spreading the gospel and making disciples. There’s a growing number of pastors in the Mozambique area who are working toward Acts 29 assessment, thanks to the mentorship of pastors like Xavier Massingue. Xavier’s church, Praca de Adoracao, has been part of Acts 29 since 2019—but they’ve been involved in church planting for much longer. 

Praca de Adoracao has around 70 members, and they understand the deep need for a gospel presence in Mozambique. The culture is saturated with African traditional religions and prosperity gospel teachings, creating a great need for true gospel-rooted evangelism. This is why their church not only focuses on internal discipleship and care for members but also on leadership development so that they’ll see more theologically-driven churches planted across their region. 

Pastor Xavier regularly meets with a cohort of 12 men who are training to be church planters. He finds it essential to train these men with authenticity and tenacity—making their training theological but also contextualized. Many of the men in his cohort are first-generation Christians. They came to pastor Xavier with no prior biblical training or theological education. They’re eager to learn how to plant a church because their entire lives have been transformed by Jesus, and they want others to experience that, too. Pastor Xavier is teaching them the basics of Christianity and giving them a theological foundation to build upon as they grow and lead in their communities.Partnering with Acts 29 is not just being part of a network, but making sure we are building gospel-centered churches. –Xavier Massingue Click To Tweet

Although local support is essential, pastor Xavier knows he can’t do this alone. His partnership with Acts 29 has helped him acquire materials for his cohort and granted him opportunities to meet with other like-minded pastors from around the world. He said being part of Acts 29 is “not just being part of a network, but making sure we are building gospel-centered churches.” Your partnership actively supports pastors like Xavier, who are ensuring church planting continues in places like Mozambique and beyond.

Written by: on novembro 9, 2023