Network: Rural Collective

Our church is located in between the town and country side of Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi. It is a growing area with one big industry and one University. People from different parts of Malawi are flocking to this area seeking employment as well as education. We are a group of diverse people (villagers, university students and missionaries from South Korea and USA). On Sundays, we have two services; one in English and the other one is in a local language (Chichewa).

New Life Church Sunday School

– New Life Church Sunday School

Unlike other locations, our church is surrounded by villages that are deeply rooted in traditional, occult beliefs. Our people have little biblical knowledge which makes them vulnerable to all kinds of false teaching. However, our church, in partnership with Epiphany Church in Philadelphia, has introduced a discipleship program whereby potential elders are being trained and exposed to Biblical Theology, for at least two years before they go for church planting. Other churches are sending their elders to be trained by our church too. It’s two years now since the program was established and a lot has happened.

Unlike other locations, our church is surrounded by villages that are deeply rooted in traditional, occult beliefs.

One encouraging story about what God is doing is about the great impact robust, God-centred theology is having with our elders. For instance, one student confessed that before he came to our discipleship program he used to read and interpret the bible allegorically. Now he appreciates the beauty of what he has learnt in terms of systematic theology, biblical hermeneutics and exegetical process. He went on to confess that “Preaching heresy is an issue of past, I will let Scripture speak for itself”. May God grant his wish! This year at least nine elders are fully equipped and geared up to plant churches across the nation following their graduation on January 21!

First Cohort of Elder Training

– Elders & Planters in Training

As a church we would appreciate prayer in the following areas:

  • The nine elders need God’s wisdom and strength as they go for church planting.
  • The needs of financial support for the sake of program continuation. Most elders are unable to meet training costs.
  • We would love to partner with other churches globally and more especially those who have a passion for missions work. Both short term and long term missionaries are welcome to Malawi.

In Malawi, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. May the good Lord bless you for taking your precious time to read and pray for us.

Robert Manda
Written by: Robert Manda on 27 Gennaio, 2017