Network: North America

Series: Conference | Acts 29 DC Area 2019

Speaker: Curt Thompson

The final session of the day focused on the importance of the local church. A focus on the necessity of community in our personal lives along with a focus on the role of the church in God’s work of redeeming people on a global, redemptive-historical level will help cast vision for the work our churches can do in bringing healing and hope.

This conference welcomed Dr. Curt Thompson. Through his work in founding Being Known, Curt Thompson, MD has uniquely merged academic and professional expertise in psychiatry with an engaging, dynamic public speaking and teaching talent. His ability to seamlessly integrate the complexities of neuroscience with the finer disciplines of Christian spirituality grants his audience a lasting, transformative experience. Listeners consistently come away with a refreshing perspective on their life story, deeper insight into the human mind, and a greater appreciation for the role God plays in renewal and growth. Relying on the timeless wisdom offered by Scripture, Curt’s presentations lend themselves well to groups that seek an opportunity to engage in honest discussion about the impact of Being Known—by God and others—in faith and social communities, business, culture, the arts and beyond.

By Curtis Newkirk fevereiro 7, 2019