Network: Southern Africa

Speaker: Adam Ramsey, Mario Maneville, Musa Ntinga, One Mokgatle

Adam Ramsey, One Mokgatle, Mario Maneville, Musa Ntinga and Tobie Meyer look closely at what God promises about his mission in the world and the challenges that come with it.

Drawing from Acts 4, they discuss how God’s sovereignty over His mission empowers us to embrace the risk in church planting. Each of these church planters speak from a unique and different Southern African context.

Church planting continues to be a great need yet also a great challenge, which is why church planters need to hold tightly to the great promises of God in the face of adversity, as they continue to plant and grow more churches for the glory of God.

Part 2 to be released 12 February 2020.

By Ronell King février 6, 2020