Network: Latin America, North America

Speaker: Phil Taylor


A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of teaching at the very first Acts 29 Church Planters conference in Guatemala. It was hosted by Francisco Bendfeldt at Casa de Libertad in Guatemala City. The room was packed, the attendees were excited and the Spirit of God was most definitely present. Throughout the event, all of the speakers kept commenting that it felt like we were witnessing the start of a great move of God in Latin America.

Within a year, several new churches had been started and several more were being planned. This one event became the catalyst for church planting, ongoing training and deeper friendships amongst church planters.

On April 16th and 17th, Mosaic Church in the Orlando, FL area will host the very first all Spanish Acts 29 conference in the United States. The Latino population is exploding in many American cities creating new ministry opportunities for our Anglo churches to reach multiple generations with a varied grasp on English. More and more churches are now hiring Spanish speaking pastors and offering Spanish language church services or Spanish language translation. This conference is a chance to rally together Spanish speaking pastors and churches throughout the United States that are seeking to leverage this cultural moment for the gospel and send them out equipped and encouraged for ministry.

All sessions will be in Spanish and all worship will be in Spanish. I can’t wait to see what kind of church planting is catalyzed out of this targeted event to better reach the growing Latino community in the United States. Join us on April 16th-17th and be sure to register ahead of time. Send your questions to and do take a moment to watch our CEO mention a little about his own excitement for this very first gathering of Spanish-Speaking Church Planters and Pastors in the United States. 

Phil Taylor
Written by: Phil Taylor on mars 6, 2018

Phil is the Executive Pastor of Leadership and Development at Mosaic Church in the Orlando, FL area. He is also the author of Defining The Executive Pastor Role and The Eldership Development Process in the growing “Backstage Pastors” series. He blogs at You can find Phil on Twitter here.