Rural. Small. Isolated. Forgotten. Remote.

Much of the world lives in communities characterized by these terms, experiencing difficult demographic and socio-economic realities every day.

Church planting in these rural communities presents unique challenges and opportunities. With much of the training available to church planters focused on planting in cities and larger communities, rural church planters often feel isolated and lack contextually relevant resources.

Acts 29 Rural is a group of pastors working to develop resources for those engaged in rural ministry. We present webinars, events, and other resources to equip applicants and members of Acts 29 networks ministering in remote and rural places.

Through Acts 29 Rural, we:

  • Promote the theological and missiological rationale for rural church planting;
  • Recruit church planters for the purpose of rural church planting;
  • Facilitate cohorts focused on strategies for rural church planting;
  • Coach representatives who are devoted to advancing rural church planting in their region;
  • Provide coaching, support, context-specific content, and conduits for funding for rural church planters within Acts 29.

We believe that investing in rural church planting will have long-lasting kingdom impact. Individuals discipled in rural churches who later move to urban centers will be equipped to share about Jesus with the masses. And those who never leave their remote, dusty roads will have increased understanding of the gospel and access to gospel community for the glory of God and the good of their neighborhoods.


The “Gospel Nobodies” podcast that encourages faithful and joyful Church planting in obscure places, so that the fame of Jesus would transform people and communities. Each month David Pinckney will be joined by a new guest around the world.



“Rural Resources” is an overview of a book, a resource, or an article that is particularly focused on rural church planting, or a distinctive that is relevant to a rural context.



“Rural Webinar” is content that will look at a particular pastoral or theological issue from the perspective of a rural church planting context. This may be a specific challenge, or indeed a helpful insight on an understood topic that has nuances from the perspective of a rural planter.



“On The Ground” is a glimpse into a country or region, and will look at the particular challenges and blessings of rural ministry. By God’s grace, this will create a vision and passion for rural planting in that area, and more of an awareness of similar work in different areas.


Upcoming Events

june, 2024