The Acts 29 Latin America Network spans from Mexico to Brazil in a region consists of over 600 million people, 35 countries, and five different main languages.


There are more than 50 partner churches in the Latin American network including churches in Guatemala, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador, among others. There are also many other churches associated with our work who are in the process of becoming members.

The Network has many different ways of training pastors and church planters, including the online platform

Join us in prayer that the Gospel would continue to bear fruit in Latin America as we seek to plant healthy churches centered on Jesus.

Church Planter

Are you planning to plant in the next 18 months, and formally affirmed by your local church? This process will assess your strengths and weaknesses for planting.

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Existing Church

Are you pastoring a church that wants to join Acts 29? This track will assess whether your church can partner with Acts 29.

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Church To Church Partnership Opportunities

Esteban & Joy Rojas
Iglesia Gracia y Verdad, Costa Rica

Pierre & Heilym Caravallo
Iglesia Sublime Gracia, Colombia

Michel & Yanelis Castillo / David & Rut Davila
Iglesia Palabra Viva, Cuba

Claudio & Silvana Faundez
Emaus Church, Ecuador

Manuel & Andrea Valle
Iglesia Sublime Gracia, Guatemala

Armando & Gaby Ortiz
Iglesia Familia de Fe Monterrey, Mexico

Facundo & Paola Luzardo
Iglesia Bautista Adulam, Uruguay

Freddy & Nuria Nava
Iglesia Jesucristo es el Señor, Venezuela



Network Director | Latin America

Francisco began his ministry as a teenager and during the last 20 years has preached in several countries around the world. He is the lead pastor of Casa de Libertad in Guatemala City and has a passion to reach others with the Gospel through church planting. He lives in Guatemala with his wife Carol and his 4 children.


Assessment Coordinator

Alejandro is the assessment coordinator for Latin America, and is part of the Global Team. He lives in Guatemala City with his family.


Assistant to the Network Director | Latin America

Marianna is the event coordinator for Latin America. She is also a staff member for Casa de Libertad in Guatemala city. Marianna moved from her native Costa Rica in 2016 to join Casa de Libertad and work in full time ministry.


Sub-Region Director | South Cone

Married to Paola and they have two children, Matías and Sebastián. Pastor of the Adulam Baptist Church in Las Piedras.


Sub-Region Director | Caribbean

After growing up as a missionary kid and then serving as a missionary for 5 years, God called him to plant Vertical Connection Church in Querétaro, Mexico. After establishing an elder team at Vertical Connection, Pablo, along with his family and a core team, left to plant LUMINA also in Querétaro.


Region Director | Central America

Oscar is part of the leadership in Iglesia Reforma Guatemala, and also servers in the worship and counseling ministry. He is married to Regina, and is the father of Oscar Alejandro and Ana Sofia.


SubRegion Director | Mexico

Armando is one of the pastors at Familia de Fe, in Monterrey, Mexico. He lives there with his wife Gaby, and their 4 children.


SubRegion Director | Andines

Claudio is the pastor of Emaus Church in Ambato, Ecuador. Claudio is from Chile and he serves full time in the preaching of the Word alongside with his wife Silvana Acosta (who is from Ecuador) and his daughters (Amie and Julie). In 2014 God guided them to plant another church in Mulalillo and in 2018 in Riobamba and Pelileo

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