Canada is a huge land mass with extreme diversity in language, lifestyle and allegiances amongst its 36 million residents.


Although certain areas within the country have seen great progress in terms of the gospel, much of the country is still in great need of hearing the good news for the first time, especially in French Québec and among the various First Nations people groups.

Though the challenges in Canada are many for church planting, the Lord is accomplishing the work that he said he would do. He indeed is building his Church! It is our great opportunity to partner with him at this time as he awakens spiritual hearts to his beauty and value. We pray that the Lord would ignite a movement of disciples worshipping Jesus, which will result in church planting.

As Acts 29 Canada commences, we have a handful of churches that desire to work together with one another within our distinctive Canadian culture and see the gospel bring pervasive and eternal hope throughout our land. These churches also long to contribute deeply to the global work transpiring throughout the Acts 29 family.

We hope that Acts 29 Canada can be an agent of instigation for church planting throughout this country. We hope to partner with already existing networks and denominations, in order to have maximum impact for the kingdom throughout the country. Our great expectation is that the Lord would have dominion from sea to sea.

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As a family of church-planting churches we are about one thing: church planting. We exist to encourage, resource, facilitate, support and equip churches to plant churches that will plant church-planting churches!



Network Director | Canada

Dwight and his wife, Jessica, live in Montréal with their four children. In 2011 they began Church 21, a multi-location church in the province of Québec. Dwight has a great desire to see churches planted all throughout Canada. He enjoys baseball, running, reading, U2, and playing in the city with his family.


Communications & Assessments | Canada

In addition to his roles overseeing assessments and communications for Acts 29 Canada, Clay is one of the pastors of Grace Fellowship in Warman, SK. He, along with his wife and their five children, live in Warman, Saskatchewan, and have a great desire to see the Gospel spread throughout their province and beyond.


Administration & Events | Canada

Cindy and her husband, Gideon, live in Montreal with their 3 children. After spending many years abroad, they are now convinced Montreal is where God wants them to stay. Cindy is thankful that she is able to combine being a stay at home mom with serving in her role as an administrative assistant and events coordinator.


Academy in Context Director | Canada

Mike directs the Academy and is one of the pastors of Church 21 in Montreal, QC. He and his wife, Shari, and their five children moved to Quebec in 2014 to be part of the effort to see the province transformed by the gospel. Mike also enjoys family time, hockey, travel and anything outdoors.


Academy in Context Faculty | Canada

Andrew has worked with the Academy since 2017 and has been part of Church 21 in Montreal since his move to the city in 2013, and along with his wife Jenny, desires to see it and the rest of Canada made new by the good news of Jesus. Andrew enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, exploring the city, and exploring nature.


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