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Many parts of the world are experiencing a new wave of gospel expansion. As a network, we are in the midst of a remarkable season of burgeoning diversity. This is no coincidence. “The Christian church was designed from the first to be aggressive. It wasn’t intended to remain stationary at any period, but to advance onward until its boundaries became commensurate with those of the world.” The Bible tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ has an unwavering resolve to build his church with people from every corner of the globe: every color, every language, every tribe, and every nation (Revelation 7:9). We must press forward with prayer, purpose and passion until the knowledge of the glory of the Lord covers the earth like the waters cover the sea  (Habakkuk 2:14).  As we work towards this vision of healthy, gospel-centered, Christ-exalting churches around the world, we will need significant resources. To this end, we have launched our Catalyst Fund.

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What is the Catalyst Fund?

The Catalyst Fund exists because we want Acts 29 to be characterised by generosity and abundance. In addition to supporting all of our operations, staff and events, and resourcing our networks in different parts of the world, the Catalyst Fund serves as the spark for new global initiatives. It gives us the means to support, encourage and facilitate tangible, on-the-ground investment in the vital cause of church planting in new areas, and to target Gospel Priority Areas. We will ask the important questions: “Where do we need to be that we aren’t already?”; “What do we need to do that we’re not already doing?”.  As you give to the Catalyst Fund, you will not only be supporting Acts 29 as an organization, but even more significantly you will be supporting strategic ministry initiatives around the world. Please download our 2018 Annual Report below and consider the Catalyst Fund today.

2018 Annual Report
Church planting among the socially marginalized across the world.
The Rural Collective is focused on churches planting rural churches.

Pursuing our value to be a radically diverse and global community.
Gospel training when and where you need it.

Partnering to plant churches that serve the neediest around the world.
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  The Rural CollectiveActs 29's Rural Collective is focused on churches planting rural churches. Check it out now!