Associate Pastor of Youth and Family Ministry

  • Family Ministry (Youth, Children, etc.)
  • Hermiston, OR

Website Cornerstone Baptist Church

Job Description:

We are excited to announce an opportunity to join our church community as an Associate Pastor of Youth and Family Discipleship. We are a vibrant and growing church committed to the transformative power of the Gospel and the teachings of Scripture. As an Associate Pastor, you will play a crucial role in nurturing and shepherding our youth, as well as partnering with parents and families in the discipleship journey of our students.


1. Youth Ministry Leadership: Under the guidance of our pastoral team, you will develop and lead a comprehensive youth ministry program that fosters spiritual growth, discipleship, and meaningful fellowship among our youth. Create engaging gatherings, events, retreats, and missions trips that promote deep relationships, biblical understanding, and authentic worship.

2. Partnering with Parents and Families: Establish strong relationships with parents and families, serving as a resource and support in their role as primary spiritual influencers for their children. Provide opportunities for parents to connect, learn, and grow alongside their students, equipping them with resources and tools for effective discipleship within the home.

3. Teaching and Preaching: Prepare and deliver biblically grounded teachings, Bible studies, and sermons that connect with the hearts and minds of our youth and their families. Present the truths of Scripture in a compelling and relatable manner, helping them apply biblical principles to their everyday lives and family dynamics.

4. Team Collaboration: Collaborate with our pastoral staff, dedicated volunteers, and ministry teams to integrate youth and family discipleship into the broader church community. Participate in staff meetings, contribute to joint events, and work together to implement our church’s vision for discipleship and worship. Foster a spirit of unity, cooperation, and servant leadership.

5. Outreach and Community Engagement: Develop strategies to engage our youth and families with the broader community, fostering relationships and creating opportunities for service and evangelism. Collaborate with other ministries and organizations to provide resources and support to families in our church and local area.


1. Strong Faith and Character: Must possess a deep personal faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to the teachings of Scripture. Exhibit integrity, compassion, and humility in all interactions and relationships.

2. Pastoral Experience: Previous experience in youth ministry, family ministry, or a related pastoral role is preferred. Demonstrated ability to connect with youth and families, inspire spiritual growth, and provide effective pastoral care.

3. Preaching and Teaching Skills: Proficient in delivering engaging and relevant teachings and sermons that connect with youth and families. Ability to communicate biblical truths in a way that is relatable, inspiring, and applicable to their lives.

4. Partnership with Parents: Ability to build relationships and effectively partner with parents and families in the discipleship journey of their children. Provide resources, support, and guidance as they seek to raise their children in the knowledge and love of Christ.

5. Leadership and Collaboration: Possess strong leadership skills with a heart for serving others. Able to work collaboratively within a ministry team, valuing the wisdom and input of others, while contributing to the overall mission and vision of the church.

6. Education: A bachelor’s degree in theology, ministry, or a related field is preferred but not required. A solid theological foundation and a commitment to ongoing personal and professional growth are essential.

Application Process:

To apply for the position of Associate Pastor of Youth and Family Discipleship, please submit the following documents to :


1. Cover letter introducing yourself.

2. Resume outlining your relevant ministry experience, education, and qualifications.

3. Personal statement of faith, sharing your beliefs and how they shape your ministry approach.

4. Sample sermon/talk recording that demonstrates your ability to effectively communicate biblical truths.

Contact email address: