Family Discipleship Director

Website Fort Myers Community Church

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Oversee Discipling Environments from Babies to College
Coordinate Assimilation process and team
Shepherd and Care for the People of FMCC
Grow as a leader and man of God

Responsibility 1: Family Discipleship Director

Make and mature disciples by…
Discipling children and their parents to love God, love others, and make disciples of Jesus.
Raise up and Equip men and women to disciple males and females respectively in the ministry
Be an evangelistic, on-campus presence at local middle and high schools (Primary: Cypress Middle and High, ECS)
Work with FCA’s team to establish on campus presence making gospel-saturation a reality on campus through equipping and empowering our students to make disciples.
Oversee planning of all trips/retreats from logistics and spiritual formation standpoints.
Lead efforts within the church by being the point for anything involving babies through college

Responsibility 2: Coordinate Assimilation Process

Welcome, Connect, and Equip People into the life of the family
Oversee Connect Team Leaders
Coordinate Community Groups and Equip Community Group Leaders
Coordinate Service teams and help people assimilate into serving the body
Evaluate, Establish, and Implement where necessary effective processes for family discipleship, assimilation, community groups, and service groups that are designed to be scalable and creating an infrastructure for future growth.

Responsibility 3: Shepherd and care for the people of FMCC

Make an effort to get to know all the volunteers across all ministries.
Care for the members of the congregation.
As a family, be a part of a Community Group
Be available to communicate on a weekly basis by…
Hosting weekend services, Preaching when asked, Teaching membership classes, Facilitating connect lunches, Assist on worship team if needed

Responsibility 4: Personal Growth

Pursue elders for discipleship and development as a shepherd, leader, and pastor
Pursue formative discipling relationships outside of FMCC
Make sure you and your wife have a couple that is able to invest in your relationship.

Salary and Time Requirements:

$45,000 a year – 40 hours PTO/40 Hours Vacation
Pay period of Saturday-Friday and is paid on the 15th and last day of the month
Evaluations at 90, 180, and 270 days.

Vision for Position:

Long term vision is to train and equip leader to grow into a pastoral role within the church.

Evaluation and Training:

Weekly Staff Meetings
Weekly Meeting with Supervisor, Bill Vecchio


Hiring Process:

Step 1: Resume Not Required or Wanted To Start Interview Process
Submit a one page PDF including a family picture and no more than a half page about your family and call to ministry/discipleship.
Take free 5 Voices Assessment and add your voice order on your initial PDF
Click Here to take free 5 voices assessment.
Before Submitting your PDF please visit our website to make sure you align with language, mission, and vision.
Step 2: Zoom Interview with Pastor/Elder
Step 3: Watch all training videos on the Giant Platform that corrolate with your voice order
Submit Official Resume
Step 4: Zoom Interview with Elders and Advisory Team
Step 5: Interview weekend

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