Pastoral Resident

Website Fort Myers Community Church

Job Description:
Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Build and Establish Youth Ministry for grades 6-12
Build and Establish College Ministry

Desired Personality:

Pioneer: Champion of strategic vision, results-focused, and problem-solving
Connector: Champion of relationships, collaboration, and effective communication
High Energy and ability to recruit and train leaders and volunteers

Foundational Beliefs:

5 Solas
New Hampshire Confession
Nashville Statement

Hiring Process:

Step 1: Resume Not Required or Wanted To Start Interview Process
Submit a one page PDF including a family picture and no more than a half page about your family and call to ministry/discipleship.
Take free 5 Voices Assessment and add your voice order on your initial PDF
Click Here to take free 5 voices assessment.
Before Submitting your PDF please visit our website to make sure you align with language, mission, and vision.
Step 2: Zoom Interview with Pastor/Elder
Step 3: Watch all training videos on the Giant Platform that corrolate with your voice order
Submit Official Resume
Step 4: Zoom Interview with Elders and Advisory Team
Step 5: Interview weekend

Salary and Time Requirements:

$48,000 (Year 1 resident raises $24,000)
No Health Benefits
40 Hours PTO, 40 Hours Vacation per year

Vision For Role:

FMCC is a Jesus-ruled, Elder-led, Deacon-served, and Congregationally-responsible church family. Our Elders exist in interdependent plurality. As a leader’s influence grows in the life of a church family it would be natural for this role to develop into an Elder/Pastor role. We believe this happens over time as relationships are established.

Job Description:
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