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In coordination with the Lead Pastor, the Music Ministry at G+P will lead our church in the continued development of a beautiful, biblically rich, and spiritually expressive worship service so that God is glorified and his people are fully engaged.

Our Musical Style. G+P blends lots of styles. We major music in a Sovereign Grace or City Alight style incorporating contemporary gospel as well. We’ve developed a robust sound where we want every song to have some gospel groove. We will vary from traditional hymns with new arrangements to all eras of contemporary songs, to gospel. We frequently lead with gospel/jazz piano, and accompany piano with electric/acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, sometimes violin or brass, and always 3-5+ vocalists. It’s a fun, varied style.

Our Church Culture. Grace+Peace Church wants to be a place where all kinds of people discover God’s grace and peace. We say we have a gospel culture where people get better than they deserve. So, we delight in the gospel, do things beautifully, and enjoy not taking ourselves too seriously. And we have folks from all kinds of church and cultural backgrounds. This has helped our church to intentionally grow toward a multiethnic and multicultural suburban expression of God’s kingdom (Rev 7). We desire to continue to express that musically.

The three areas of responsibility listed below may be combined into one person’s job or be handled by multiple people depending on the gifts, experience, and availability of the particular candidate(s).

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