Worship Arts Director

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The mission of the worship leader is to disciple, encourage, and mobilize the saints for the work of the ministry by coordinating and recruiting volunteers to lead the church to value and worship God Almighty as our ultimate prize and joy through the gifts of word and song.

Tasks (8-10 hours / week):

The three strategies listed above are implemented in a ll areas of the following three categories of tasks.

Worship Culture and Vision (2 hrs / Week)

Attend weekly staff meeting on Mondays to coordinate with staff in logistics, vision and prayer.
Discover and introduce new songs strategically in coordination with the teaching elders to support the sermon series and teach the truth. We value theological clarity, sing-ability, beauty and creativity.
Review/revise song database quarterly.
Keep worship spreadsheet up to date with most current information on song selection and worship team members serving.
Provide feedback, care and encouragement to volunteers to develop their spiritual lives and musical gifting.

Sunday Gatherings (5-7 hrs / Week)

Coordinate musicians to ensure that every Sunday has a worship team.
Lead a worship team at least 2-3 Sundays a month.
Quarterly schedule-making of worship volunteers and Sunday Gathering songs (based on sermon text).
Ensure that pro presenter slides have been inspected and are correct on Sunday Mornings.
Report CCLI activity quarterly.


Shepherding (1-3 hrs / week)

Take time for regular personal devotions.
Share life with worship families, knowing their conditions well and giving attention
while maintaining good communication with elders.
Schedule quarterly worship family gatherings, simply for enjoyment.
Spend time outside of “work” with worship family volunteers.
Review the sermon text with the worship family each Sunday and review our
songs and musical purpose in supporting this text.
Pray together.

Job Description:
Contact email address: daniel@redemptionpearland.com