Sherman Bible Church

Sherman Bible Church

Sherman, Texas
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Denomination: Non – Denominational

Weekly Attendance:  1,100

Location: Sherman, TX

The Role:  Worship Leader

Meet Sherman Bible Church:

Sherman Bible Church exists to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ through gospel-centered teaching, gospel-centered worship, gospel-centered community and gospel-centered mission.

Gospel-Centered Teaching

Sherman Bible Church is committed to preaching the whole counsel of God from the whole of scripture all centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. We start the discipleship process with teaching that is centered around the person, character, and finished work of Jesus Christ.

Gospel-Centered Worship

Sherman Bible Church is committed to properly responding to Gospel-Centered Teaching with worship that is true to God’s Word and centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Gospel-Centered Teaching leads to Gospel-Centered Worship. This is our heart’s loving response to God as we hear His Word taught.

Gospel-Centered Community

Sherman Bible Church is committed to Gospel-Centered Community which is the natural overflow of a disciple that knows and loves God. Gospel-Centered Worship leads to Gospel-Centered Community. The more we love God the more we will love others.

Gospel-Centered Mission

Sherman Bible Church is committed to taking our “next” in obedience to God’s will for our lives. Gospel-Centered Community leads to Gospel-Centered Mission. When we walk in community with other believers our “next” in obedience to God’s will will always be revealed by His Word.

About the Worship Leader:

Sherman Bible Church is seeking their next Worship Leader. The Worship Leader role is one of spiritual leadership and hands-on creation of gospel-centered worship opportunities for the church through close collaboration with the Executive Pastoral Team and the servant-leaders within the Worship Ministry.

The Worship Leader’s Responsibilities Include:

Working closely under and in weekly consultation with the Executive Team to plan weekly worship services.
Submitting to the Word of God to provide direction, oversight, and leadership to the entirety of the Worship Ministry (adults, students, children).
Oversee Worship Team, Music Director and Worship Administration.
Magnifying God and skillfully leading people in congregational music in response to the gospel.
Adhering to God’s Word in all song lyrics in coordination with the Executive Team.
Sharpening and honing one’s own strengths to make the best possible offering to God.
Utilizing only a centralized library of songs for consistency of content.
Participation in Men’s Theology Class.
What You Bring:

Ideal Candidate will have:

A clear understanding and articulation of the gospel.
A clear testimony of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.
Continues to receive the gospel and remember well.
Above reproach.
Displays a passion for the local church.
Pastorally minded and musically skilled.
Possess relational skills and displays an authentic presence in front of our church.
Ability to sing and lead in a vocal range that encourages congregational singing.
Demonstrated growth and effectiveness as a gospel-centered worship leader.
Articulate speech and excellent written communication skills.
General expectations:

Christian Life: Demonstrates the behaviors and attitudes of a growing follower of Christ.
Productivity: Produces the appropriate quality and quantity of work.
Communication:  Communicates effectively to others both written and oral; listens carefully.
Interpersonal: Establishes and maintains strong family relationships and effective working relationships.
Leadership: Casts vision, delegates, trains, follows through, and produces positive change.
Focus: Invests time & energy in areas that are both within his personal strengths and expected duties.
Situational Awareness: Is aware of what is happening; how information, events, and their own actions impact present and future goals.
What it’s Like to Live in Sherman, TX:

Living in Sherman offers a blend of small-town charm and modern amenities, creating an ideal environment for its residents. With a relatively low cost of living compared to nearby metropolitan areas, Sherman provides affordable housing options without sacrificing quality of life, making it an attractive destination for families, young professionals, and retirees alike.

Sherman’s optimum location to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex makes it the ideal choice for those seeking the serenity of a smaller, safer community, yet having the full compliment of “Big City” activities and opportunities within a very short commute.  Sporting events, musical performances, and the finest food choices in the world are all easily within reach.

As the population of Sherman continues to expand at a rapid rate, the city has positioned itself for dynamic growth both culturally and economically well into the future.

Contact email address: resumes@vanderbloemen.com

To apply for this job please visit www.vanderbloemen.com.