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Stonegate Church is a healthy and rapidly growing church in Midlothian, Texas. The church leadership views the Care ministry as a tremendous opportunity to help many in their community experience God’s grace and redemption through Biblical recovery. They have seen many individuals come to meet Jesus through their Care ministries, and they want to invest in this ministry to continue to see more lives transformed in the coming years.

Stonegate Church is looking for a Care Pastor to develop and grow a ministry ecosystem where people can experience recovery and redemption. The role will come with room to innovate and create the kind of ministry that can really help people in the community.


Midlothian is a rapidly-growing city in a similarly growing county, known for both strong schools and a welcoming community. The city and the surrounding areas are an ideal place to raise a family, and the recent growth reflects that reality. It’s become a great location for those working in both Fort Worth and Dallas. In the next five years, 5,000 homes are being built within a two-mile radius of the church, and over the next decade, the population of the city is expected to double.

Stonegate is an Acts29 church committed to doing gospel-centered ministry and planting missional churches. The church reaches people all throughout Ellis County because of their prominent location along a major highway. The Lord blessed Stonegate with a wonderful 23-acre campus where they built their church home in 2018, and since moving into the building, the church has grown to approximately 2,000 people in weekend attendance.

The growth at Stonegate reflects a growing middle-to-upper class community in a region transitioning from rural to suburban. Being situated in both an affluent community, and one in which many people have some church background or exposure to Christianity, Stonegate desires to invite people into a distinctly gospel-saturated environment that inspires them to move past addressing superficial issues and equips them to deal honestly with their deeper pain and needs.

10 years of pastoral experience with an emphasis on pastoral care
Experience in senior leadership roles
Theological training or education, with counseling experience or education preferred
Able to teach, recruit, and develop leaders
Experience starting new ministries as well as developing the teams and structures to sustain the ministry

Passionate about the opportunity to do evangelism and discipleship through recovery ministry
Ability to build a strategic vision to scale the Care ministry to match the growth of the church
Experience in catalyzing new initiatives and rallying people behind a mission
Background in pastoral care and counseling
Theologically Reformed, complementarian, and hold historically orthodox positions on current social issues

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