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Acts 29 North America is composed of sixteen distinct regions including Canada and 15 additional regions across the United States. From the forested tip of Maine, across the Canadian Rockies, to the beaches of southern California, Acts 29 North America is a vast landscape of radically diverse cultures and contexts.

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As a family of church-planting churches we are about one thing: church planting. We exist to encourage, resource, facilitate, support and equip churches to plant churches that will plant church-planting churches!

North America Regional Directors


Upper Midwest

Noel is the teaching pastor at Riverview, a multi-site church in the Lansing, Michigan area that actively engages younger generations in both in-person and digital spaces. He is an author, podcaster, speaker, and church leadership coach. He is married to Grace, and they have four adult children and one son-in-law.


Georgia and Florida Panhandle

Tim planted Greenbriar Church in Albany, Georgia, in 2008. Tim's wife, Jaye, is an Acts 29 wives support coordinator for the Southeast. Tim and Jaye have been married for more than 25 years and have four children. Tim enjoys hunting and grilling.



The best thing about Chris is that he's married to Michelle and has four grown kids and a son-in-law. He and Michelle live in Glendora, California, with a dog and a cat. Chris pastors Foothill Church of Glendora.



Will was born and raised in West Virginia, where he lives with his wife and five children. He’s the author of 'Rural Mission' and founding pastor of New Heights Church in Milton, West Virginia.



Ryan is the planter and lead pastor of The Seed Church in Wichita, Kansas. He and his wife, Ashley, have three boys.


Lower Midwest

John Ryan has been married to Fran for 32 years and has two grown sons. He is a church planter, pastor, coach, and disciple-maker. 23 years ago, John planted the Summit in O'Fallon, Missouri. After more than two decades there, he was called to focus on developing leaders and now serves as pastor of leadership development at a sister Acts 29 church, Matthias’ Lot, in St. Charles, Missouri.



David was born in western New York, raised in New Hampshire, and has pastored for 35 years in the Northeast. Sharon and David were married in 1988 and have raised four sons and one daughter. They live in Concord, New Hampshire, and love to travel and explore history.


Mountain West

Jason leads Anchor Church in Gilbert, Arizona. He has four children and has been married to Tiffany for 20 years.



I am a lifelong Alaskan with a wonderful wife and two awesome boys. God is giving me a vision to see churches planted all over the north.



Rodney planted Gospel Fellowship Church in Boynton Beach, Florida, after ten years of college ministry. Rodney has been married to his amazing wife for 16 years and has four children. He is passionate about discipleship and enjoys motorcycles and playing basketball.


Regional Associate Director, US Midwest

Steve is the senior pastor of Hope Community Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which he started in 1996. Before planting Hope, Steve served on staff with the Navigators and was a junior high math teacher. He and his wife, Carole, have three sons. He's been a part of Acts 29 since 2007 and in leadership positions since 2011.



Matt planted Outward Church in Salem, Oregon, in 2007. He is married to Chris and a father of four.

Luke Thomas


Luke Thomas currently leads Legacy Church in Knoxville TN, a church he planted in 2010. Enjoying a call to start new works, his family has been a part of planting churches and campus ministries in Texas, Florida, and Tennessee for the past 25+ years.


Texas Gulf Coast

Chad Clarkson serves as the pastor of church planting at Clear Creek Community Church and is the executive director of the Houston Church Planting Network. He is married to Mindy, and they live in Houston with their six children.



Jordan is gratefully serving as a pastor at Vintage Church in Raleigh, NC. He spends his week shepherding and caring for his staff team, discipling leaders, launching community groups, and caring for pastors in Acts 29. Jordan is passionate about equipping churches to recruit, train, encourage, and support the next generation of church-planting families in the Carolinas region.



Steve is the senior pastor of Hope Community Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which he started in 1996. Before planting Hope, Steve served on staff with the Navigators and was a junior high math teacher. He and his wife, Carole, have three sons. He's been a part of Acts 29 since 2007 and in leadership positions since 2011.


Wives Support Coordinator, US Southeast

Jaye and her husband, Tim, live in Albany, Georgia, with their four children. They serve at Greenbriar Church, which they planted in 2008. She has an EdS degree from Liberty University and is currently a stay-at-home mom. Jaye has a heart for pastors' wives, loves chocolate and traveling, and will find any excuse to celebrate.


Wives Support Coordinator, US North Atlantic

Atyia is wife to Derrick and the mother of three. She and Derrick began their journey to plant Epiphany Church in Wilmington, Delaware, in 2016. She serves as the women’s ministry director at Epiphany Wilmington and is passionate about discipleship and helping women find freedom and discover their purpose in Christ.


Wives Support Coordinator, US South Central

Abbey and her husband, Bryan, planted Redeemer Church in 2015 in Stillwater, Oklahoma—home of her alma mater, Oklahoma State University. She has four wonderful kids, loves people, the outdoors, having a great heart-to-heart with a friend, and curling up with a good book and a hot drink.


Wives Support Coordinator, US West

Sara and her husband, Caleb, planted True Life Church in Denver, Colorado, in 2012. Originally from Washington state, Sara graduated from Seattle Pacific University. She has two beautiful children and loves sunshine, food, and a good magazine.


Wives Support Coordinator, US Midwest

Jessie Roseberry is an artist, mom of four, and church planter’s wife. She lives in West Lafayette, Indiana, with her husband Eric and enjoys time with friends, painting, teaching watercolor classes, and hospitality. She has been married to Eric for more than 15 years. They are both over 6’ tall and are raising their own basketball team.

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