Celebrating 25 Years of Church Planting

Acts 29 believes in planting churches around the world because we long to see more people, families, and communities come to know Christ. The darkness of sin is blotted out by the salvific light of Jesus—we want all, whether near or far, to know and believe this great truth. A primary way to share this life-changing message of the gospel is through planting and supporting evangelistic, mission-driven churches around the world. 

Acts 29 has always been about church planting, and it remains foundational to our mission as we grow. We’re catalyzing a movement of both effective and multiplying churches while embodying these three values—relationships, theology, and missional church planting. For 25 years, we’ve journeyed together with the shared mission of planting churches worldwide. We recognize God’s goodness to bring us thus far, and are hopeful and excited for all that is to come in our network. 

We look back with gratitude and look forward with eager anticipation. We celebrate churches planted, lives transformed, and communities enriched. We celebrate 25 years of unwavering theological conviction. And we celebrate a quarter-century of relationships fostered in Acts 29. Let’s continue this work together with urgency and unity as we strive to see more and better churches planted in every part of the world.