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Acts 29 is a diverse, global family of church-planting churches. As a part of that family, the Acts 29 US Southeast Network has some distinct features that work in conjunction with the global assessment standards set by our Acts 29 Central Resource Team.

Overview of Acts 29 US Southeast

Acts 29 US Southeast is a Network of over 100 Churches spread across nine Southeastern States. Our goal is to see 200 church-planting churches planted by 2020.

An important part of reaching the Acts 29 US Southeast vision of 200 by 2020 is through the assessment process.

An important part of reaching this vision of 200 by 2020 is our assessment process.

Four Phases of the Assessment Process

The main phases of the assessment process are:

  1. Applicant Phase*
  2. Assessment Phase
  3. Candidate Phase
  4. Member Phase

*You must submit an Initial Application and be approved before moving on to the applicant phase.

Applicant Phase

The first part of the application process aims to ascertain where the applicant is in terms of  the timing of their church plant, their experience in ministry, alignment with Acts 29 theological distinctives, and that the applicant intends to agree and sign the Acts 29 member covenant should they move forward to membership.

If the Initial Application is approved, the applicant will then proceed to complete a number of online questionnaires.

By completing each of these questionnaires, the applicant will help Acts 29 Assessors gain insight into who they are as a leader and understand more about either their existing church or the church they aspire to plant.

Once all of the assignments are approved, the applicant is then invited to a formal, phone interview. This phone interview provides space to ask any necessary questions that stemmed from the application.

If the phone interview is approved, the applicant is invited to an Assessment Conference.

Assessment Phase

An Acts 29 Assessment Conference is a two day assessment experience involving the applicant (and if married, his wife) joining a group of trained, Acts 29 Assessors for an in-person assessment. We want to see the applicant explain their vision and hopes in planting, particularly as they apply the gospel and teach and talk through the pressures and expectations of planting a church. The assessment conference contains a variety of assessment environments including preaching, group case study discussion and an interview.

The assessment conference also includes times where assessors and applicants share meals together and encourage one another. Though assessors are there to assess, we ultimately want the applicants to feel understood and supported.

Candidate Phase

If the applicant is recommended or recommended with conditions, he will then move to the candidate phase where the planter is listed on the Acts 29 website, invited to Acts 29 on the City, invited to a Church Planter Cohort through our Acts 29 US Southeast Training initiative.

Member Phase

For a candidate to move on to the member phase, he must complete all conditions, meet the minimum number of core team members, and apply for membership by signing the Acts 29 US Southeast Covenant.  At this time, their church can enjoy the full benefits and responsibilities of being a part of Acts 29 US Southeast.

Should you have further questions about our assessment process, do see or contact us via email at

J. Tyler Deaton
Written by: J. Tyler Deaton on February 15, 2017

Tyler serves as the Assessment Coordinator for the Acts 29 US Southeast Network. He also serves in the areas of operations and communications. He and Lesley have been married since 2008 and have three children. You can follow Tyler here on Twitter.