Healthy, Multiplying Churches

We will be a diverse, global community of healthy, multiplying churches.

This is why Acts 29 exists. Our focus is not simply on our own congregations, but on the work of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ, making his name famous to the ends of the earth. In the DNA of all Acts 29 churches should be a deep and driving desire to see churches planted across the world, all of which are defined by theological clarity, cultural engagement, and missional innovation.

We are a community of churches theologically aligned and philosophically diverse, and we pray that the Spirit would keep us all deeply submitted to the Word of God and walking in glad submission to Jesus. 

Acts 29 is not a theological club where churches and church planters gather around theological alignment without the desire or resolve to plant other like-minded churches. At our core, we are a church-planting community. May the Spirit draw those who share this passion so we see myriads of people who are far from him, reconciled to him through Christ.

Holiness and Humility

We will be known for holiness and humility.

Our desire is that our family will be comprised of godly, sacrificial, and mature men and women:

  • Men and women who would gladly lay down any and all of their liberties if it would serve the cause of Christ in greater ways
  • Men and women who don’t seek conflict but also aren’t afraid of it 
  • Men and women who treasure Christ and his gospel above all

We desire to be faithful servants who love Jesus deeply and are quietly training, coaching, and planting churches that will train, coach, and plant more churches. 

We will continue to have our flaws and blind spots, but our deep and abiding hope is that regardless of what is said of us—even by our enemies—it will have to be said that we are men and women who are deeply and desperately invested in the kingdom of God and are walking in holiness and humility.

A Diverse and Global Community

We will be a radically diverse and global community. 

It is a joy and privilege to be involved with and learn from brothers and sisters from different cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. We also want to press into and learn from those who differ from us in practice, philosophy, and culture—especially those from different parts of the world. 

Our desire is to find the Spirit of God working among us so much so that we see more of his glory in and through a bold ethnic harmony that reveals God’s infinite worth and the power of the gospel in a visual and captivating way.

Ethnic harmony and global diversity are integral to what it means to be explicitly Christian. The Scriptures teach that there are two races—the race of the first Adam and the race of the Last Adam. It is only ‘in Christ’ that we are able to realize this identity. Our different cultures carry individual history, traditions, and legacies, but the gospel transcends them and captures them for Christ, making us a new people: the family of God. 

We continue to value what is good and right in our cultures while gladly submitting to our new family as adopted sons and daughters, co-heirs with Christ Jesus.

Praying For Conversions Through Evangelism

We will pray for conversions through evangelism.

We are serious about evangelism and praying for conversions.

This can not simply be realized by preaching sermons that are evangelistic, but rather it is a holistic approach to evangelism. We desire churches filled with those who model personal evangelism by sharing the gospel as boldly in their neighborhoods as they do in their congregations. We desire churches filled with those who long and yearn for salvations and experience godly frustration when they are not happening. We desire churches filled with those who believe in the sufficiency of the Scriptures and in the power of the Spirit to break the hearts of the most hardened of people in their cities. 

We desire churches filled with men and women who see their relationships with neighbors, co-workers and friends as opportunities to love supremely by praying for and sharing the best news in the universe with them. We desire churches filled with men and women who love the saving work of God so much that it would lead them to the ends of the earth, proclaiming and living out the gospel until all that will know, know. 

May the Spirit protect and guide us, and may he draw many to Jesus, not only in our churches but also in all churches where Christ is preached, loved, and served.