“The current state of the church in the Philippines is complex,” says Ryan Gidor, church planter and pastor of Acts Church in Manila, Philippines. Although many Filipinos have a Catholic background, understanding the true gospel is a challenge because of the prevalence of the prosperity gospel in the country. Pastor Ryan and his church are dedicated to preaching the gospel of Christ and discipling new believers to understand the true meaning of their faith.

Listen below to hear more about Ryan’s church planting story and partnership with Acts 29.

Olivia Meade
Written by: Olivia Meade on April 9, 2024

Olivia Meade works as a content editor for Acts 29. She’s a member of New Heights Church in West Virginia, where she leads women’s ministry and discipleship. She’s the author of Ordinary Faithfulness and contributing editor for Church Out Here. Olivia is married to Matt and they have two daughters.