Advance Raleigh Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1 (Tuesday, 1:302:30 p.m.)




Rob Berreth The Why and How of Church-Based Training

No other organization in the world comes close to the power and potential of your local church to plant churches worldwide. This workshop will show you how to build a discipleship and church-planting pipeline that is doable, reproducible, and effective.

Conference East 

(Breakout Room 1)

Dayton Hartman Apologetics in the Local Church

This session will serve as a call to reclaim the apologetic mandate of the local church and will suggest some basic strategies for implementing apologetic teaching and training.

Community Room

(Breakout Room 3)

Eric Spivey Turning Small Groups into Mission Engines

In this session, we’ll discuss strategies for entrusting the church’s mission to small groups, which can take group leaders from managers to champions and groups from anchors to engines. We’ll also hit practicals like correcting mission misalignment and preparing groups for gospel work in your city.

Living Room 

(Breakout Room 4)

Panel Discussion Finding Joy As a Pastor’s Wife

Join us for a short panel discussion, Q&A, and time to connect with other pastors’ wives as we walk through how to find joy in your unique role. We’ll cover relevant topics and discuss effective practices to help you be a joyful pastor’s wife.

Fireside Room

(Breakout Room 2)

Breakout Session 2 (Tuesday 3:00–4:00 p.m.)




Jason Conner Leading Teams Through Conflict

Conflict is a normal and necessary part of leadership. Most leaders do their best to avoid conflict or to prevail in conflict. What would it look like if, instead, we focused on leading our teams through conflict in a constructive way? The destination is worth the journey.

Conference East / Breakout Room 1
Adam Flynt Nothing to Something: Building Elder Teams & Volunteer Teams from Scratch

How do you build elder teams and volunteer teams when you’re just getting started? How do you not lead alone and get to a plurality of elders when you don’t have any elders yet? This session will look at very practical, helpful ways to design, develop, recruit, and keep healthy leaders and teams.

Community Room / Breakout Room 3
Doug Logan The Future of Urban Church Planting

This session will equip existing and future urban planters with theologically driven and practical skills for building teams and utilizing ministry tools to plant and grow churches in the inner city. We’ll provide practical information to increase the urban planter’s ministry longevity and missional effectiveness.  

Living Room / Breakout Room 4
Bethany Kimsey Looking for Pacesetters: Women in the Word Together

Join us for a time of teaching and Q&A on equipping women to be in the Word both independently and corporately. We’ll learn how to cultivate a community of pacesetters who help others along in their faith. We’ll also explore the different levels of community and apply them to ministry areas.

Fireside Room / Breakout Room 2