What Is ARCH?

ARCH is the Acts 29 Resource Collaboration Hub. It is a bridge between our global church-planters as we pool our experience, knowledge and learning. Coming from Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific the members of the Arch team are working on the development and delivery of global content as well as the philosophy of theological education across the world.

We are hoping to create, all across our global network, the training ecosystem we need to raise up, assess and deploy church-planters and church-planting teams. We will be running Arch Symposia on topics of global interest 5 times a year, aiming to equip, inform and inspire the local church in its mission.

Through the ARCH project we want to steward the gift God has given us, namely a network of interconnected, multiplying churches all over the globe.


Upcoming ARCH Symposiums

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Dr Brian DeVries

Classifying Diverse Contextualization Methods

25 April 2024


Dr Stephen Stallard

Diverse Teams

30 May 2024


Dr Bat Manyika & Dr Dan Strange

2024 Book Review

28 November 2024


Latest ARCH Symposium

Perspectives on Preaching

Past ARCH Symposia

Relevance of Theological Retrieval

What is the value of retrieving the theology of past eras when our present one has so many pressing issues of its own? In our age, the word “unprecedented” has become somewhat of a cliché. We seem to insist that everything we deal with is new. From the befuddling topic of transgenderism to the challenges and benefits of A.I., we are convinced that our ethical and anthropological debates are cutting-edge. We, unlike any generation that came before us, venture into uncharted territory. In this symposium, Dr. Samuel G. Parkison defends with the Solomonic dictum that “nothing is new under the sun” (Eccl 1:9). Parkison commends the practice of theological retrieval, not for the sake of idolizing the past, but as an exercise of good stewardship and wisdom for navigating present theological concerns.

The History and Formation of Church Planting Movements

Church planting movements have been a topic of much discussion in missiology. This symposium aims to provide a deeper understanding of the background, motivations, and current state of this global phenomenon. By exploring the formation of church planting movements, we hope to cultivate a more robust theological discussion on the pros and cons of this approach to church planting and missions.

Multiperspectivalism and Global Theology

Dr Daub’s research focuses on ‘perspectivalism’, a method supported by theologian Vern Poythress. The goal of the research is to help the church adopt a theological framework that supports an evangelical catholicity of the Christian faith. This framework also incorporates perspectives from various contextual theologies.

Secular Creed with Rebecca McLaughlin

We’re delighted that the author Rebecca McLaughlin joined us to discuss the content of her recent book: The Secular Creed: Engaging Five Contemporary Claims. This book helps us disentangle the beliefs Christians gladly affirm from those they cannot embrace, and invites us to talk with our neighbors about the things that matter most. Far from opposing love across difference, Rebecca argues, Christianity is the original source and firmest foundation for true diversity, equality, and life-transforming love.

Embracing Complementarianism

Acts 29 Pastor Graham Beynon (Grace Church, Cambridge, UK) and Jane Tooher (Moore Theological College) will be joining us to discuss some of the material in their upcoming book Embracing Complementarianism: Turning Biblical Convictions into Positive Church Culture. A critical and timely topic for us to be discussing as a family of churches.

Exploring a Biblical Theology of Nationhood


Jeremy Fowler studied History at Oxford and Theology at Oak Hill College. He and his family spent eleven years in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq where he taught Kurdish history and ran a language consultancy, and regularly discussed the big questions of faith. Together with his wife Joy and their four children, Jeremy is now based in Oxford, sharing the gospel contextually and training people in intercultural ministry.

In our ARCH Symposium, Jeremy explores a biblical theology of nationhood, and how it should be expressed in the local church. He will draw on two decades of ministry in Iraq, Turkey and the UK among Kurdish people, who want to see their nation flourish and who are intrigued by biblical accounts of their ancestors the Medes.

The Thought and Legacy of Andrew Walls

The name of Andrew F. Walls (1928 – 2021) is revered within the field of Mission Studies and the development of the discipline of ‘World Christianity’. Despite his significance as a towering figure in the academic area, Walls is not known primarily for major academic publications. In fact, it might well be said that Walls, like Paul the apostle, has produced ‘living publications’ in the form of the many students he has supervised and encouraged over the years.

Alistair Wilson, a lecturer in mission and New Testament at Edinburgh Theological Seminary and a minister of the Free Church of Scotland, will be sharing some of the most significant insights from the writings and teachings of Andrew Walls with a focus on what this looks like in our local church context.

Unity In Diversity – Contextual Hermeneutics

Elizabeth shared what we can learn from the gospels on unity and diversity and how to contextualize it in the various global contexts.

What Is ARCH?

Meet The Team

On 06 October 2021 Philip Moore interviewed Dr Bat Manyika and Dr Dan Strange on the "What Is ARCH?". As hosts of future symposia, they discussed the purpose, nature and ethos of the ARCH Project, as well as what we can look forward to in future symposia.


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