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Planting a church is a challenging task and Acts 29 exists to support the local church as it identifies, raises up and sends out new church planters. On these pages you will find out all you need to know about our assessment process. Follow these quick links for more details:

Acts 29 has developed a set of core competencies that provide a standard against which we assess all church planters and pastors who wish to undergo assessment. Click here to learn more.

Our goal for all church plants is to be healthy, established church-planting churches.

  • Acts 29 wants to recruit, assess, and develop new church planters; setting them up for long-term success.
  • Acts 29 also wants to partner with existing church plants and churches to facilitate further church planting.

Churches who wish to join Acts 29 will need to submit to our rigorous assessment processes. Once approved, churches are supported through their planting by the provision of coaching and training resources within the context of their local Networks. Follow the button below to engage further with our assessment process.

Apply Now

The following is a text based version of the video shown above. There are three stages to our assessment process, Applicant Church, Candidate Church and Member Church:

Applicant Church

Initial Application: A short online questionnaire enables us to know whether now is the right time to apply, and whether Acts 29 is the right network to apply to.

Online Application: Successful applicants are then invited to complete a series of online assignments which take around 10/15 hours to complete in total:

  • Employment History
  • Networking
  • Husband and Wife references
  • Theological and Pastoral
  • Testimony and Gifting for Planting
  • Preaching
  • Leadership and Church Planting Strategy
  • Marriage and Family
  • Wife Questionnaire
  • Personality Profile
  • Financial
  • Participation in Acts 29 Events
  • Confidential

Phone interview: A telephone interview enables Acts 29 assessors to get to know the applicant and to hear them articulate in person their vision for planting. Here a final decision is made on whether or not to proceed to the Assessment Conference.

Assessment Conference: An applicant and their wife (if married) are invited to attend a two-day Assessment Conference. Through a series of different assessment environments, experienced Acts 29 church planters seek to get alongside applicants, to understand their context and assess their readiness to plant. A full assessment report is then sent to the applicants within 2 weeks.

There are four potential outcomes:

  • Recommended: Ready and able to lead a church plant with Acts 29.
  • Recommended with Conditions: Ready to lead an Acts 29 plant, subject to minor conditions.
  • Potential with Strong Conditions: Not yet ready to plant, but demonstrates future potential.
  • Not Recommended: The applicant is not recommended for church planting.

Each of these outcomes provides applicants with confidence to make the right decision going forward.

Candidate Church

Applicants that are Recommended or Recommended with Conditions become Candidates. Their churches are listed as Candidate churches on our website and Candidates are able to access The City – our online forum for church planting. During the Candidate stage, any conditions set by the assessors are worked on and a coach is often assigned. Once Candidates have completed their conditions and have gathered a minimum number of core team members, they can apply for membership.

Member Church

As a Member, the church signs the Acts 29 Covenant, which includes a financial commitment to Acts 29 and to church planting in general. As a Member, churches and planters benefit from local and global partnership, training and support.

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